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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boo The Service Dog

Boo is a very handsome boy and he knows it.

Boo in sweater.

Boo and his mom in the Myrtle Points show.

Boo wears a service dog's jacket with reflection strips.

Betty says,

"In the showroom at the Myrtle Points show, not too far from where I stationed, there was this dog mostly on his owner's lap. He was full of personality, I was really attracted to him, and he looked like the RCA dog. I started a conversation with his mom and found out that he was rescued from the animal shelter. One day he was going nuts, and it turned out that his mom was about to have a diabetic episode. He could detect the insulin level in the blood. He is currently going through more trainings to be a bona fide service dog.

I tried to take pictures of him but he was so active that it was hard to get him to pose. A few days after I got home, I received an e-mail from Vanessa & Tomalene Borquez & "Boo" attached were two of Boo's very nice pictures.

Here are the two pictures that I took and two pictures sent by his mom."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Long Time Judge Vern

Vern and Barbara relaxing behind the judging table.

Vern is well-known for his lifetime work with youth. With Vern are Elsa and Dominique with their rabbit Toby.

Vern judges French Angora, Gabrielle writes.

These photos were taken at the Myrtle Points show in Oregon. Vern has been a lifetime resident of Oregon; used to come down to judge in CA in almost every show in the 80s. We still see him in CA shows but not as often. It was good to see him in Myrtle Points and meet his lovely wife Barbara.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mini Lop In Payless Shoe Commercial

Shianne and Kaitlynn are youth breeders of Mini Lop in CA.

Their beautiful REW Mini Lop rabbits were used in the Payless Show commercial recently. See it on youtube:

Their Mini Lops were also featured in the news report with Betty's English Angora in the Big Valley RA show in Stockton on February 7:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alex's English Angora Wins Double Youth Best In Show

Alex's English Angora tort buck took double youth Best In Show.

Alex's English Angora buck took BIS under judge Gary W.

Alex's English Angora took BIS and Ashley's French Angora took RIS under judge Stacy; picture taken by Stacy.

Judge Stacy Eaton says,

"I was in Hamburg, PA judge the LVRCBA show this past weekend and had the honor of judging the Youth show A, BIS. Alex Stepnoski took BIS with her English Angora and Ashley Shaw took RIS with her French Angora, both very nice rabbits!

Alex also took Youth show B, BIS with her English Angora!
Just thought I would share the picture with you!"

Thank you Stacy and congratulations to Alex and Ashley.

Alex is no stranger to our blog. She has won the title of Queen of PA State Convention, youth BOS English Angora in the Louisville convention last year, and Christy Sconsa Memorial scholarship from California Angora Rabbit Society of So. CA.

Good job, Alex.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marcia's Trip To California

Marcia with Betty's white junior doe in front of Betty's "small barn".

Marcia with the white junior doe in front of Betty's "big barn".

Betty says, "While at the Myrtle Points show in Oregon, I learned that Marcia would be visiting her sister in Santa Rosa, CA and invited her to come visit. On Sunday, Marcia drove for more than 11 hours to reach her sister's house and on Monday Marcia visited me. We had lunch together and then I show Marcia how to spin and ply on an electric spinner. Marcia made a small skein of Angora plied with pre-spun wool; then we dyed the skein blue using Easter egg dye.

Needless to say, Marcia visited my barn and took pictures with my 4-month-old little white doe.

It was a fun afternoon."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ramie's Pretty Pendant

Ramie raises Britannia Petite, she likes this blog.

Ramie has a beautiful chain with a diamond pendant. What does the pendant mean?

The pendant is the Chinese word of "Rabbit" sans the diamond. What do you think about the placement of the diamond?

Ramie had a great time at the Myrtle Points show. Her very typy Britannia Petite won Reserve In Show in show C.

Ramie wears a beautiful chain with a diamond pendant.

Betty says, "Do you know what your pendant says?"

Ramie answers, "That's Chinese acronym for rabbit."

Betty says, "It's actually the Chinese word for rabbit, pronounced "Tu"; and it's very nicely crafted, and there's the diamond."

Ramie says, "My mother had it custom made for me, she initially suggested that the diamond to be placed at the top but I thought it would look like a spot on the rabbit; that's a d.q. so I wanted it placed at the bottom."

Betty says, "Well, look at the current placement, doesn't it look like you-know-what!"

Ramie says, "No, but there is only one."

Betty says, "Then you have a one-ball rabbit! That's a d.q. as well!"

Ramie has a sense of humor; she laughed at Betty's bad joke. Ramie, hopefully you'd enjoy this post!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dalton In Love

Betty says,

"I very seldom wear my Angora sweater to a rabbit show for the obvious reason of not wanting to mess it up.

In the Myrtle Points, Oregon shows, it was cold and wet, my Angora sweater and hat came in very handy.

The bucks were going crazy; they were just in love with my sweater. One after another tried to push open the judging coop to get to me.

In this picture, white buck Dalton is trying to make love to my right sleeve on the judging table. Can you imagine trying to write down the judge's comments with a vibrating buck attached to my arm?

Now I have an even better reason not to wear my Angora sweater to a rabbit show."