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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Vicki, Kelly, Dereck and Kari

One of the fun thing in the convention is to see old friends from all over the country and even out of the country. Here are some new and old friends in these two photos.

Three of them are from MN and one from SD.

From left to right are Vicki, Kelly, Dereck and Kari. Vicki and Kelly are the mother and daughter team who breed top English Angora. Kelly has won a youth Best In Show in the 1998 Portland convention with her gorgeous white English Angora white senior doe. The very right is Kari, a top Satin breeder. Kari won the Group in the Indy convention last year, then this year she won the Best of Breed again. As we all know, Satin has huge entries and there are more guys than gals in the breed. Kari's accomplishment is not to be taken lightly. Vicki, Kelly and Kari are from MN, and we meet up in the conventions each year.

Our reader may recall judge Dereck judging English Angora in Canada. Here is Dereck examining the English Angora from Vicki and Kelly. Dereck is a Satin breeder, but quite interested in knowing more about Angora. He is looking forward to judging a big Angora show in Wisconsin in the spring. Dereck is from SD and a new found friend in the Angora area.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Best In Show at the ARBA Convention

We have a treat today. Judge Kevin H. who won the Best In Show at the ARBA convention in Fort Worth sends in the photos of him and his stunning gray Dutch doe to share with our readers.

He has just received these photos, we appreciate his generosity. Huge congregations! This rabbit is absolutely beautiful. This is the first Dutch to have won a convention open Best In Show since ARBA mandated a Best In Show picking in 1971.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More About the Show In Japan

For those of us who go to shows almost every weekend, it is hard to imagine how much effort and how big an event it is to have a rabbit show in Japan.

Hiroyuki reports that the show in Tokyo last Saturday and Sunday had over 100 workers, over 6,000 spectators, and hundreds of booths selling everything related to rabbits.

The entry fee converting to US dollar was about $25 per rabbit, all the spectators had to pay an admission fee to get in and the two judges were flown in from the US. The club pays for the judges' airfare and other expenses, they were lodged in a four star hotel.

Judge Judy reports that it's one of the best experiences that she has ever had. After judging in Japan four times, she wouldn't mind going back every year. The showroom was spotlessly clean. If there was a drop of poop or pee from the rabbits, the carpet would be replaced. Any debris on the ground would be picked up. People were courteous and the worker totally efficient.

Interestingly enough, two of our three Japanese friends featured on our blog a few days ago were the top winners in this show. Yumiko took Best In Show with her English Angora that is shown in the first photo, Yumiko is with her American Fuzzy Lop AK's Johnson in the second photo. Johnson took first place in AFL wool class.

Koichiro took Reserve In Show with his Netherland Dwarf that is shown in the silver cup. Koichiro, in his white lab coat, also won the Best Junior title with his broken Mini Rex shown in the sixth photo with Judges Judy and Chuck.

Hioryuki, our third Japanese friend features on our blog, was busy taking pictures of other rabbits; he is the one in blue lab coat in the fourth picture.

Judge Judy and her interpreter Mrs. Machida are working hard judging American Fuzzy Lop in the fifth photo.

The last one is a composite photo posted on If our readers click this link and various choices on the site, you'd see the cutest rabbit things for sale in the booths, the schedule of the two day event, and lots of interesting information. Of course it would help if you could read Japanese. There are various sites on the internet that offers free translation service that could help to understand the contents better.

A rabbit show in Japan is not just a rabbit show, it is a major event. We are very fortunate to be given the chance to have the reports and photos to share with our readers.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The First English Angora Best In Show in Japan

On November 12, 2006, a historical event happened. An English Angora won the all breed Best In Show in Japan for the first time ever. Yumiko is the proud mama of this beautiful white doe; she won the big prize in the YBRC 6th annual show in Tokyo.

Yumiko reports about the Best In Show judging:

"Best in Show is BC2CE REW English Angora!” The result was announced in the hall. I knew she was the best, but I noticed it again and my heart was full of deep emotion. Suddenly a great cheer aroused and the English Angora was the focus of a million flashing cameras. It was just like a Hollywood star. BC2CE must be satisfied with the result. I dedicate this honor to you and Chie. I will also tell Angora friends in USA on your blog "Angora is the No.1"

What a moment of excitement that we wish that we were there. Luckily Yumiko sent in many pictures to share.

The first photo shows Yumiko being awarded the Best In Show prizes by the two judges: Judge Judy and Judge Chuck. Judge Chuck is the breed judge shown in photo number two.

The third photo shows the two judges jointly picking the Best In Show.

The fourth photo shows the prizes on display. The big silver bowl and the huge rosette are now on top of Yumiko's carrier in the fifth photo.

In the sixth photo, the president of the YBRC club Mr. Machida comments how lovely the rabbit is and how great a job Yumiko has done.

What an exciting day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Judge Judy Goes to Japan

Our favorite judge Judy of WA went to Japan to judge the Yokohoma Bay Rabbit Club 6th annual show on November 12. There were one open all breed show, a Holland Lop specialty show and a Netherland Dwarf specialty show.

Here are two photos of Judge Judy and Judge Chuck P. from Michigan with the show committee being introduced to exhibitors. The gentleman on the left of the second photo is the president of the YBRC, Mr. Machida.

If our readers would like to know how the two judges' names look like in Japanese, you got to see the lower two photos. The third photo shows Judge Judy's name in Japanese. At the end of her name, there is the "Ms." showing that she is the lady judge. The fourth photo shows Judge Chuck P.'s name in Japanese, at the end of his name is "Mr." showing that he is the gentleman judge. Next to their names, there are lists of the breeds that they are judging. This part certainly is very similar to what we see in our shows.

This show is a part of a very well attended rabbit event that includes many booths and spectators. See

Who won the Big One? Check back tomorrow, there will be photos of the Best In Show rabbit and her very happy mama.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Holly Wins The Big One again

We are taking a break from convention reporting today.

Our Canadian member Holly has wonderful news: Yukon won an open Best In Show and an open Reserve In Show on the same day at the shows in Edmonton, Canada!

The first photo shows Holly with judge Bing H. with Yukon, Best In Show.

The second photo shows Holly with judge Jan G. with Yukon, Reserve In Show.

The third photo from left to right is Kaycee, Holly, Shannon and Lisa. Kaycee is seen again in the fourth photo holding her Holland Lop that won Best In Show under judge Jan G.

A reporter from the Pet Bunny Rabbit Web was at the showroom taking pictures. He got a picture taken with the Best In Show girl in the last photo.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Best In Show Judging

These two photos give our reader an idea how the Best In Show was set up at Fort Worth convention.

The top picture shows five tables with coops holding the five group of rabbits. The five tables without coops were used for the judges to examine individual rabbits.

The second photo shows judge Bruce examining Tracy's Satin Angora.