Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Show B Angora Judging at Turlock on Saturday

Judge Melissa in show B is working on the English Angora colored senior doe class.

The English Angora is being turned over to check the nails and underside.

Judge Melissa working on the three Satin Angora white junior does that are very shiny and very cute.  

Casey is the table help for Satin Angora.

There are lots of French Angora for judge Melissa to work on.  Tammy is the table help.

The Giant Angora are on the table. 

Four colored Giant Angora are shown as display.  

For a list of winners, go to:

Friday, March 01, 2019

Show A Angora Judging at Turlock on Saturday

Saturday mid morning Angora judging starts with judge Ashley working on the French Angora.

On the table is a French Angora broken chestnut senior doe that eventually wins the BOB in show A.

The shiny ones are on the table: the Satin Angora.

There are some white Satin Angora and some colored Satin Angora.   Casey chats with judge Ashley.

The next is the English Angora, on the table is a tort doe.

Judge Ashley comments on the tort doe that eventually wins the BOB English Angora.

There is a good number of the Giant Angora being shown.

And here's the BOB Giant Angora.

Tammy records judge Ashley's comments on the colored Giant Angora, the colored variety is shown as "display".  The "display" showing means the winner of the variety is not eligible to compete for BOB as the colored Giant Angora is not yet accepted by ARBA.

For a list of winners, go to:

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Happy Angora Group at Turlock

At the California State Convention, there's a very happy group: The Angora breeders.   From left to right are Karin, Laurie, Casey, Betty, Julie, Tammy and Jennifer.    They come from WA, OR, CA, south and north.   The yarns on the table are the products from Tammy and Karin.  Picture taken on Saturday.

This picture was taken on Sunday, Carol is added to the group.  Carol and hubby went on vacation in New Zealand, she came home on Saturday and is in the show on Sunday.    Next to Carol is her daughter Kendall who is an Ag teacher in the local high school at Turlock.   Absent from the photo is Casey who attended the show on Saturday only; Betty is not in the picture because she is behind the camera.

A break from the show, some chit chats and some knitting.

Tammy and Karin's business is named "Sinfully".

Tammy and Karin's booth has yarns, hats on the left, available for sale and display.  On the right are the prizes for the BAARG Angora specialty shows.

Another view of Tammy and Karin's fiber business.

Jennifer and Laurie admiring the fiber products.   The showroom is very large and full of open exhibitors.  There is another building for youth exhibitors and then another building for the cavy show.

Betty walks by to admire Tammy and Karin's products.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Open Top Winners at California State Convention on Saturday

California State Convention for rabbits and cavies is held on Saturday, February 23 and on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

On Saturday in show A, judge Josh from TN awards the Best In Show to Joe's Tan and Reserve In Show to the English Spot shown by Louise and Maddie.

In show B, Joe's Tan wins the Best In Show again from judge Scott from WY, Reserve In Show goes to Betty's English Angora.

On Sunday show C, judge Ryan picks the same two rabbits as the Best In Show and Reserve In Show as in show B: Joe's Tan Best In Show and Betty's English Angora Reserve In Show.

In show D, the last all breed show of the long weekend, judge Jeremy from MI awards the Best In Show to Betty's English Angora and Reserve In Show to Joe's Tan.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Annisha Wins Best In Show and Reserve In Show at CA State Convention

Huge show weekend at the California State Convention coming up, Mama Betty is grooming Annisha for this major event. 

There are two all breed shows on Saturday, judge Scott from WY awards the Reserve In Show to Betty's English Angora Annisha in the second show.

There are two all breed shows on Sunday, in the first show Annisha wins the Reserve In Show from judge Ryan from AZ.

The big win is in the second show on Sunday, Annisha receives the Best In Show honor from judge Jeremy from Michigan.  The silver plate is a special prize for this show only.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Lionhead: Rabbit or Meatball?

This is a photo on the Wikipedia page showing a Lionhead rabbit.  Since we are the "rabbit people", we do know about this breed.  It's only been accepted by ARBA for 4 years and it has been very popular. A Lionhead from California shown by Clare has won a youth Best In Show at the ARBA convention last year.

However for Chinese, if one hears "Lionhead", the first reaction is that of giant meatballs!  Yes, Lionhead is a traditional  southern Chinese dish.  It's a dish with big meatballs with vegetable.  Most of the meatballs are made from ground pork but this particular dish above that Betty made is from ground turkey, and the vegetable in this dish is the Napa cabbage.   If interested, just google Lionhead meatball recipe and you'll find a delicious yet very easy to make Chinese dish.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Youth Angora Breeders had a Great Time at the PA Convention

Olivia Marion reports:

We had a great weekend. My REW English Angora buck took a double BOB and double Best of Group 3. We ended our weekend on quite the show high with a Best In Show under Eric Stewart. It is such an honour to recieve a Best In Show under him! 

My sister Sophia, our friend Joy, and I all had a great weekend at PaSRBA. Sophia's French Angora went BOB and Specialty Best In Show on Sunday and Joy's Satin Angora took BOB and Specialty Reserve In Show on Sunday. We had a great time with tons of laughs and hugs!

Due to the weather the awards did not come in on time so we were given a piece of paper with the a representation of the award on it.