Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tracy's Satin Angora Bunnies

Spring is in the air, there are bunnies, bunnies and bunnies.

Tracy's convention Satin Angora Best of Breed winner Dani California has a litter of bunnies. Dani is a wonderful mom, all bunnies grow up nice and friendly.

The top picture is Dani's colored bunnies and the other three pictures are Dani's white bunnies.

They will be going on the show table in April, and we expect them to be big winners.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Carol's French Angora Bunnies

Carol W. has happy news:

"We finally have a litter. Our Chestnut Agouti doe, Lacey from Andrea M., kindled on Feb 22. She had two kits - one a self black and the other hopefully, a lilac tort - which would be our first! I have been watching the color develop which has been really exciting. First it was a pale cream, and then the points started to develop a lilac coloration. The belly and under the tail are also lilac, and the color has gotten darker. The body wool has darkened, but is still almond. Years ago we bought a lilac tort, and the color is exactly as I remember. The dad is LCW's Zircon, who is now owned by Lindsay. "

The top two photos were taken at one day old; the third photo shows the bunny at 3 days old and the last photo shows the bunnies at 2 weeks old.

Congratulations to Carol.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eric and His Dogs

Our favorite judge Eric from PA not only wins Best In Show with his nice Mini Rex, he also has nice Toy Manchester Terriers that are going to be making a splash in the dog show circuit.

At the top, Eric is seen with Rose and Preston on the right, the show quality Toy Manchester Terriers, and Patsy on the left, the Papillon.

The second picture is the crew enjoying the warm sofa.

Patsy is in the third picture and the fourth picture is Rose and Preston.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kimijo and Trina

Kimijo and Trina are good friends. They not only share the interest in rabbits, but also share the interest of antique hunting.

In a recent show, Trina showed Kimijo a new set of miniature tea cup and dish that she had found. Two photos were taken when they were talking about antiques.

Trina and hubby David have excellent English Lop. They won the Group with their English Lop at the ARBA Convention at Fort Worth.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cathy S. Wins Best In Show at Tulare

We just heard the news that Cathy S. won the Best In Show with her Rex in show B at Tulare last Sunday.

Here are two photos of Cathy S. in recent shows. In the top photo, she is judging Best In Show at Stockton. In the second photo taken at Santa Ros, Cathy S. is showing the picture of her grand daughter who is learning to use chopsticks.

Congratulations, Cathy!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Charlie's New Home

Charlie has not been in shows for quite a while. The major reason is that he and partner David are building a new home.

We are pleased to receive three pictures of his new home in progress and a report from him:

"Her are three photos of our new home. The first is a view of the front. The second is a view of back and east side. The third is a view of the upstairs ceiling. David manufactured the brackets at the peak of the trusses himself using a plasma metal cutter and helped the contractor with the installation of the trusses. The house is approx 2500 sq ft including the screen porch. The exterior has been designed to be almost maintenance free. The lower walls are stucco. Upper walls are a composition shake shingle made to look like wood but require no maintenance and are guarenteed for 50 years. The roof is metal, also with a fifty year guarentee. There are two dedicated bedrooms and two baths with a multi-purpose great room upstairs. There is also a living, dining and entry room. We hope to have it completed by the end of this year."

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rock Says, There is Hair in My Food

Casey has a herd of Angora goats and one neutered Llama. They get along very well. Rock the Llama considers himself the guardian of the herd.

Casey reports, "On my rounds this morning. Rock (Llama) was really talking to me. Hhhmmm Hhmmmmmm Hhhmmmmm. So I thought I must have another new baby. Well, one of the problems with living with hairy goats is you sometimes get hair in your food. "