Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bunny Nose

We have not been to a show for a few weeks, won't be going again until in April. There won't be any new photos from shows for a while, we'll be posting some interesting photos from the past.

Cyndie is a very accomplished photographer, won many times in photography competitions. Here is a photo that she took some time ago, a close up of the nose of an English Angora rabbit. Most of us don't take such close ups, even if we do, it's usually not a good shot. Cyndie did a great job.

Cyndie has recently gone through a heart procedure, now resting at home. Hope she will have a complete and speedy recovery and that we will see her again soon.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Denise and her Handspun Yarn

Denise has been a member to NCAG for quite a long time. She raises English Angora and French Angora, but we don't see her in shows often. Denise works for the postal service, Saturday is her regular work day, that makes going to shows difficult. She has picked up the art of spinning in recent years. Here are two photos of her showing the yarn that she made. She does a great job.

Hopefully she will be coming to some of the Sunday shows and continue to spin and knit.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Michelle Enjoys An English Angora

It's very beneficial for breeders of different breeds to compare notes. The breeds may not be the same, one will be surprised that there are lots of things in common from breed to breed.

Recently in the Stockton shows, Michelle came by to chit chat. Michelle is an experienced Rex breeder. After chatting, we found so much things in common between Angora and Rex. Undercoat, guard hairs, texture and even the use of a blower. Due to the importance of growing the fur and wool, we learn that both Rex and Angora tend not to have a rock hard body.

Michelle is here enjoying the company of Chu's Gentry, a choc tort English Angora buck.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tami and Her God Son

English Angora rabbits have cute faces and docile personality. They are major attractions in rabbit shows. Even those who are not in the breed find English Angora hard to resist.

Here is Tami, one of the top breeders of French Lop and English Lop, holding Chu's Lexus. Tami calls Lexus her God son. Lexus is the daddy and grand daddy of many Best In Show winners including Emilia, Lexika and Mercedes.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Three Top French Lop Ladies

In rabbit shows, one of the fun thing is to make friends, either within our own breeds or outside our own breeds.

French Lop breeders are always very close to us. They are very friendly and usually put on a wonderful lunch table that we could steal food from. And they are very talented. The first photo shows the three top breeders in Lops. Far left is Jeanne, the secretary of the national Lop club. She teaches quilt making and doll making, her products are top quality and uses some of the best material. Angora yarn is one of her choices to make dolls' hair. Jeanne's French Lop won the BOB in the ARBA convention in Indianapolis last October.

The middle is Lynn, who probably does more knitting than any of the Angora breeders/fiber people. She uses a lot of Angora yarn combined with other material to make original design items that sell for premium price. Lynn also teaches knitting. Lynn goes to shows with her mother Mary who is 80+ young but more energetic than any of us. They are shown in the second photo. Lynn is the chair of the ARBA Airline Committee, she works tirelessly to get the airlines to offer us better deals.

Both Lynn and Jeanne are top French Lop breeders.

The right is Tami, she has both French Lop and English Lop and does very well in shows. Our blog readers probably remember seeing her photo in December when her French Lop won the RIS. Tami loves to play with and to kiss English Angora. More photos of her with English Angora will be posted tomorrow.