Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 03, 2007

That Dumb Cat

Betty's trap had a good work out. Within a period of 15 hours, it caught three different kinds of animals.

Here is her report:

"At 9 pm on Thursday night, our trap caught a possum.

At 10 pm, a raccoon came into our garage while the possum was still the occupant of the trap. Albert quickly took the possum out of the trap and put it in a different cage; then he set up the trap and put in some cat food, hoping to catch the raccoon.

On Friday morning, the raccoon was inside the trap.

After the possum and the raccoon were relocated, Albert set up the trap with new cat food.

An hour later, our neighbor Vada's cat Dandy walked around the trap and eyed for the cat food inside.

I said to myself, "Cats are not that dumb!" I turned my eyes away for a second, Dandy was in the trap! That dumb cat.

After calling Vada and taking a picture of Dandy in the trap, I let Dandy out. I hope he learned a good lesson."

Friday, March 02, 2007

Eric In Shows

Our favorite judge Eric S. from PA travels to shows often. Here are some photos from the CO state convention and PA state convention.

At the top, little girl Nikki is an Angora exhibitor and spinner at the CO state convention. Eric is also a spinner; he could not resist such a pretty and cute fellow spinner in the show.

In the second photo, Eric is shown with the PA Angora club specialty show Best In Show winner Kathy K. and her winning Satin Angora. Eric was very impressed with the rabbit and called it "a complete package". The third photo is a close up of Kathy's Satin Angora.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Randy and Allen's Great Weekend

Randy and Allen had a great weekend. They went to double shows at Turlock on Saturday and then went to double shows at Del Mar on Sunday.

In four shows, they took all breed Best In Show (BIS) in three of the shows and a Reserve In Show (RIS) in the remaining show.

At the top, Allen is seen with their Mini Rex Diva. Diva took RIS in show A at Turlock and BIS in show B.

The second picture is Allen with their Netherland otter doe that won BIS in show A at Del Mar. The littermate buck, not pictured, to this doe took BIS in show B at Del Mar.

What a wonderful weekend for Randy and Allen.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kimijo At Butchart Gardens

Our favorite judge Kimijo recently judged a show at Victoria, BC in Canada. After the show, she and her friend Debbie took a tour at the beautiful Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens is a fifty-five acres of wonderful floral display. In 1904, Jennie Butchart began to beautify a worked-out quarry site left behind from her husband's pioneering efforts in the manufacture of Portland cement at Tod Inlet, Vancouver Island, Canada. One hundred years later, Butchart Gardens were designated in 2004 as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Kimijo and Debbie had a great time at the garden; we thank them for sharing these photos with us.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

French Angora Judging at Turlock

At Turlock, Joe judged French Angora in show B. In these two photos, Joe is seen checking on white French Angora with his wife Kathy doing the paper work.

Lindsay's two rabbits took Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of the breed in show B. The picture of the BOB winner white senior doe Brie is posted at the top.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Satin Angora and French Angora Winners at Turlock

At the Turlock show on Saturday, Tracy's Satin Angora won the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex in both show A and show B. In the top photo, left is Rios Spicey that won BOB in show A; right is Rios Sunny that won BOB in show B.

Tracy's white junior French Angora won BOB and BOS in show A. In the second photo, BOB Jr. Doe Rios Shanaenae is on the right and BOSB Jr. Buck Rios RayRay is on the left.

In show B, Lindsay's French Angora won BOB and BOS, photos not available at this point.

There was no English Angora or Giant Angora shown.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Puppy Love

There were two or three cute little puppies playing outside the showroom at the Stockton show. One of them was taken into the showroom for a short time.

Our handsome judge Doug is well known for being a dog lover. He goes ga ga for the little guy.