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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Doggyman Slicker Brush

 Angora breeders are very familiar with the "white" slicker brushes by "Doggyman" brand made in Japan.

In the US, the Doggyman is exclusively represented by Millers Forge and the package is very simple.  There is no color choice, all white.  Sometimes we just call it the "white brush".    The price of these brushes ranges from $7 and change to $15, depending on where you buy it.

In Japan where the Doggyman originated, there are various colors to choose from.   This package has the pink slicker brush, it also comes with a small comb to take out the wool/hair on the brush and a cotton bag.   The package also specifies that the brush is for rabbits.   The price tage says 1260 Yen, converting to US dollar it comes to a little under $12.   

Friday, July 14, 2017

Brother Act

Maks is a young English Angora tort senior buck.


His littermate brother is a chocolate tort and named Val.
If you follow the dance programs on TV, you'll know that they are named after the dance professionals on "Dance with the Stars".   In case you don't know who these pro dancers are, ...

The right is Maks and younger brother Val is on the left.  In addition to being the pro dancers on "Dancing with the Stars", they tour the country in ...

their stage production.   And they also have a dance school for training future dancers.



Thursday, July 13, 2017

More Interesting Scenes at Alameda Fair

There are two painted cows at the fair.  One of them is named Ms Penny Pleasanton.   Alameda Fair is location in the town of Pleasanton, the cow is appropriately named as such.

There is a big area that are used for gardeners to horn their skills in arranging a home garden.


Various homebrew beers are on display.


A fair is not a fair without the junk food stands.


It'd be interesting to see a Clink Black concert too but by the time the photo was taken, June 28 has come and gone.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Music Collection Display at Alameda Fair

The old records, photos, autographs, memorabilia, ... of country music.


Oh, George, the three Hanks, Ray, Johnny, Lefty, Webb, ... these steal the hearts of country music fans.


The King!

King Elvis deserves double display cases.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hobby Collections at the Alameda Fair

In a building with the name of "Hobbies" there are glass display cases that allow people to enter their collections for competition.   The first place winner is a collection of shell-related objects.  The title is called "One Evolution of Shells".

This Hello Kitty collection gets one of the several second place ribbons but it steals the heart of many Hello Kitty fans.   Hello, Jill, Maureen, Cathy, ...

This display of bead work also has a first place ribbon.  There must be different categories to have more than one first place winner.

This person displays all the little cups from all fifty states.

This would be a dream display for a porcupine lover.

The perfume bottles gets another second place ribbon.

Another first place ribbon is awarded to the winter wonderland collection.

 East African display.

Not sure what these are, the left side looks like a toy collection from Japan and the right seems to be the bobble heads from the US.

Toy fire engines and cars.

Yellow ducks.  Feel like to take a bath?

The masks are kind of haunting.  

Elephant collection on the left and some kind of monster figures on the right.

This case is a little to the side of the hobby collections.   It displays the small wooden objects entered in the competition. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Small Animal Barn at the Alameda County Fair

Betty visits the Small Animal Barn at the Alameda Fair.   Who's the Boss?  Allen!

Needless to say that rabbits are the mainstay at the barn, we are so familiar with them that instead of featuring rabbits, we are going to feature something different.

There is a display of egg hatching in the building.  

This is a close up of the hatching equipment and some of the few-day-old chicks huddled next to the machine.

At a corner just under the heat lamp there are some day-old chicks.   The building is air conditioned so the chicks still need the heat lamp to help keep them warm.

There are some silkies for sale.   Silkies are the Angora of the chicken world, they have longer feathers and require some grooming.

Here are some regular chickens for sale.

And there are some young turkeys for sale too.

The barn also houses the  cold-blooded snakes, etc.

This snake's name is Delilah.


The name of this "thing" is on the upper right side.

Another snake.  

No, you are not looking for a snake hiding somewhere.   Look at the green thing hanging on the right, that's what you are looking for.   It's a "Cuban Knight Anole".  

Sunday, July 09, 2017


In every rabbit show there is a raffle table.  Some of the raffle items are very nice and some junky.   Rabbit equipment usually are the most popular and the bags are full of raffle tickets.
In one of the bags there are very few tickets, and that bag belongs to this sign.   No one in the show knows what this sign means so very few would be interested in putting tickets in the bag.  
Here comes Betty who reads Chinese.  Ah, that's the best thing in the world "LOVE" in Chinese. 
After buying some tickets and put them in the bag, Betty comes home with "LOVE"!