Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Snakey Snake

Wildlife have been a part of our blog. We have seen bear, raccoons, skunks, possums, birds, squirrels, ... A rattle snake is making its debut today.

Randy says,

"Each year since living on Black Mountain in Tollhouse (Sierras), we have dealt with rattle snakes. As the temperatures pump, we knew the "rattle snake season" would be on its way. Well, it began today. Allen, wearing flip flops, began to walk over this mature snake in the grass. He heard the rattle as he stepped, and immediately JUMPED BACK and AWAY! Rattle snake anti-venom vaccines for Cali is a must!"

Randy and Allen would rather judge the "snakey" typed Himalayan rabbits than meeting the real snakey snakes!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Holly's Road Trip to South Dakota

HHR's Pandora waiting her turn on the tables for Judging at the Rapid City
South Dakota Woods & Meadow Show

Judge Jim Effling awards Best of Breed English Angora to HHR's Pandora.

Mount Rushmore.

Holly at the base of Mount Rushmore.

Holly lives in a town that is far from most of the shows. She loves rabbit shows; she and hubby Glenn have to drive long and far to get to shows.

Last weekend, the drove to South Dakota for the Woods & Meadow Show at Rapid City, SD. Along the way, they stopped and enjoyed the famous Mount Rushmore.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Future Generation of Rabbit Breeders

Kevin of KW cages with daughter Autumn.

Amy A.'s son Jake won Youth Best In Show in Maine with a ND that was given to him by our Carol G. Judge in the picture is Jim from Florida.

Dara with husband and twin boys. Dara is a second generation rabbit breeder, her parents are David and Trina C.

This cute little boy's parents are Judge Troy and wife Jill, Dutch breeder. Having rabbits probably a certain thing in his future

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brad and Katie Come to California

Brad, executive director of ARBA, was invited to judge in the Lop National and the CRCS all breed shows for two days at Monterey in April. Katie and son Noah came with Brad and they arrived a few days before the shows to enjoy a working vacation. They went to all the tourist attractions in Monterey, relaxed on the beach and even went whale watching. They had a great time.

Hope to see Brad, Katie and Noah again in California soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kitty Being Bottle Fed

In the recent Big Valley RA shows at Stockton, there were a mother and daughter team nursing two little kittens in the ladies room. These kittens were 9 days old, needed to be nursed every four hours. They were born to a stray mom that passed away due to prolapsed uterus.

It is obvious that the mother and daughter are animal lovers; they have the very tender touch and loving eyes. Though it's sad that the baby kitties lost their mom in such an early life, they were lucky to have been in good hands.

It's a sweet moment captured by photos.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Allen Goes Back to Connecticut

Allen poses a Belgian Hare in the Central Connecticut RBA show in North Haven this past weekend.

"Mr. Belgian Hare" Al Butler teaches Allen to judge Belgian Hare in Fairbanks, Alaska in summer 2007 before his retirement.

Allen says,

"Yesterday, I judged the Central Connecticut RBA show in North Haven, CT, the show that I took my Registrar test at in 2001! It was a lot of fun being "back home" judging. In fact, the lady that taught me showmanship was at the show!!! It was weird judging her rabbits. The Belgian Hare National Show was also in conjunction with the show. There were 60 Belgian Hares, and people came from as far as Ohio and Illinois. The National and All-breed show was on Saturday, but I was hired to judge the specialty show on Sunday. I admit, the biggest class of Belgian Hares for me thus far had been 2! My senior buck class was 23... It was a challenge, but a day I will never forget. Posing the breed takes a considerable amount of time and patience (especially on day 2 of the show weekend!). Judging Belgians meant a lot to me personally because I raised the breed for a short time in Connecticut before moving to California. A great day!

I am attaching a picture of me posing the BOB Belgian Hare of the specialty I judged. You cannot see my face, but it's me! The man in the background watching me is recently retired judge Al Butler from Ohio. He is known as "Mr. Belgian Hare", and a long-time breeder. I had the honor of working under him in Fairbanks, Alaska last summer for my license; we worked with one Belgian Hare that day, but he taught me a lot. I was honored to have him in my audience of exhibitors today, and I could tell he was proud of me as I judged. Very cool."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ollie's Day in Show, Part II

Carol with Ollie and his new papa Tom and new mama Muriel.

Betty with Ollie in front of the KW booth.

Christina holding Ollie.

Carol loving Ollie.

Jennifer showing off Ollie.

Justin playing with Ollie.

Cody having a quiet moment with Ollie.

Ollie, short for Oliver, was a hit in the show at Cow Palace. He was born and raised in Randy and Allen's home in Tollhouse, CA. After that show, he moved to Oregon with his new papa Tom and new mama Muriel.