Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cute Little White Doe

It's time for a change of guards, the older seniors are cut down and the juniors are ready for the show table.   Here is one of the pretty white junior does.

It's a nice litter to have more than one pretty girls.


Friday, May 31, 2013

Life as a Single Baby

Rabbits are supposed to have multiple babies in a litter but this is a case of a singleton.

The good thing of being the only baby is the attention and the abundant space in the "nursery" while the drawback is the loneliness of not having other bunnies to play with. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

April's Bunny Pavillion

April is known to spoil her rabbits.  She and hubby sold one house and bought another to accommodate the bunny set up.  Now she is having a bunny pavillion built.

April has English Angora and Jersey Wooly; the English Angora could exercise on the deck but the Jersey Wooly would squeeze through the railings so she had the chain link fence installed as the rabbit exercise area.  She decorated with blooming flowers and has ordered a special sign for the area.

There are five Jersey Wooly bunnies running around the bunny pavillion.   April also intends to put a top to enclose the bunny pavillion for safety.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Handsome Baby Fawn Buck

It's a challenge to get a clean faced fawn without smut or hint of black tips.   Though there's not much deduction to the smut or black tips, it's still desirable to get the color right.

Here is a close up shot of this handsome fawn English Angora baby buck that has the right color and gorgeous wool and excellent type.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yarn Made from Blue Angel

Blue Angel is a French Angora born at Betty's place with parents from Carol W. and Dawn. 

She made the Grand Champion status with winning the colored junior doe class at 11 weeks old then BOB 4 times.

When the time comes, she was cut down.


The yarn from Blue Angel is variegated from white to gray due to her broken pattern; her wool yields a skein of 100 yearns of yarn.  


Monday, May 27, 2013

Can't Fight It, Help It - Saga of a Wisteria

Betty says, 

We bought our home over 30 years ago when it was under construction.  When we moved in, there was no landscape in the front or back yard.  Over the years we built the solid fence around our property and we planted many many trees, shrubs, flowers, lawn, ....

Among all these plants, there was a Wisteria that was planted just outside our walk-out window next to the deck.    When the deck showed its age and suffered damage from the elements, we had the deck torn out and replaced it with a sun room in the early 1990s.   The Wisteria was cut down and roots dug up.

Each year there would be shoots from the Wisteria coming up and we cut them off. Year after year, the Wisteria never gave up, kept on fighting for its survival.  

In 2009, we finally decided that instead of fighting the Wisteria, we might as well help it to grow.    Albert build two pergola structures, one of them was featured on

Now both structures are covered with the Wisteria that was planted over 30 years ago but was not allowed to grow for half of its life.    Its ability to survive is to be respected.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Green with Envy

It seems that green is one of the "in" color this year.  The top skein is Angora dyed with neon green and the bottom ball is also Angora but dyed with the combination of neon green and "regular" green.
In progress is a pair of fingerless gloves knitted with the neon green yarn withe blue edges.

A pair of fingerless gloves with a slightly different design.   Without the sunlight, the green color does not seem to be as crazy.  

These are the food colors used in dyeing the Angora yarn.   The food color does not have acidity, it's necessary to add white vinegar in the dyeing process.