Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Allen Says Hello From Alaska

Allen Salmon fishing on the Kenai River.

Allen and one of our 23 Salmon caught.

Randy S reeling in a catch on the Kenai River.

Randy Cler cleaning his huge Salmon filets. For a chance to have Alaska's Randy Cler judge your rabbits, come to the Monterey County Fair and CRCS Cardiff shows in August!

The day after judging our rabbits at Lambtown, Randy and Allen flew to Alaska. Allen is kind enough to share their trip details with us:

"Hello from Alaska! We are spending our last few days in Alaska judging the Alaska State Convention and speaking at the first ever Alaska Judge's Conference. Our week has been excellent, doing what we love best in Alaska... fishing! The short season when Red Salmon travel up the rivers from the ocean to spawn is flocked annually by fishermen from around the world. Randy Cler, Alaskan and ARBA Judge, took us to his favorite fishing spots for three days of intense fishing this week. We spent most of our time soaked and bone-chilled from the rain on the river, but it was well worth it. Each day, we caught our limit. The Kenai River (3 hours south of Anchorage) was jammed full of fishermen this week, despite the weather. Alaskans says this summer has been colder than normal; in fact, we saw fresh snow on the peaks of surrounding mountains! Though the sun stays out until almost midnight this time of year, it isn't a California sun by any means. Nevertheless, for Randy and me, the break from the "Fresno Furnas" was nothing short of awesome!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Alpaca At Lambtown

Alpaca seems to be quite popular these days. There were several Alpaca association and commercial booths at Lambtown.

On the same day that we were at Lambtown looking at these Alpacas, Maureen in Ohio was touring an Alpaca farm that had more than 400 animals. She took many pictures including a pair of Alpacas having a love-making session. You can't miss that!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

American Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly Winners at Lambtown

Carol G. won two BOB out of the two shows her rabbits entered.

Jenny won BOB in the third show.

Fuzzy breeders watching Allen judging the rabbits.

Another picture of Allen judging the Fuzzies.

The two happy winners of Jersey Wooly: Angel at the left won three BOB and two BOS out of three shows; Nancy at the right won BOS in one show.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Angora Rabbit Show at Lambtown

Betty with Emmy on the grooming table.

Betty writes down judge Randy's comments.

Lindsay with her Giant Angora girl that won the Reserve In Show.

Lindsay puts her French Angora in the judging coops.

Tracy gets her Satin Angora ready for show. In the background is Casey grooming her English Angora.

More potential customers for the NCAG booth.

In the morning at Lambtown, we were busy getting our rabbits ready for the show table, not many photos were taken. John L. comes to rescue; here are the photos that he took and we appreciate the help.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Polly's and Jocelyn's Booths at Lambtown

Polly's booth, full of beautiful mohair products from her herd of Angora goats.

Polly obviously is totally devoted to Angora goats; she answers the question of "got wool?" with "get mohair".

Jocelyn has a colorful booth that is very eye catching. She did very well in sales during the Lambtown festival.

In the Lambtown festival, NCAG had a club booth that sold handmade items for members that were in the rabbit building. In the commercial building, Polly and Jocelyn, both members of NCAG, each had a fiber booth. Polly's booth is totally devoted to mohair that produced from her herd of Angora goats; Jocelyn has various fiber products, mostly colorful handspun yarns.

Both did very well in sales and had a great time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

NCAG at Lambtown

Emmy took Best In Show in specialty show A and C.

Marie took Best In Show in specialty show B.

NCAG booth at Lambtown. Franco and Lindsay worked wonders at the booth.

Franco put a Satin Angora on the table for people to touch and pet.

Northern California Angora Guild completed a very successful and fun filled weekend at the Lambtown. This is the first time that NCAG participated in putting on triple specialty shows and having a booth. Both activities were very successful. Our booth was a hit, full of people at all times. Lindsay delivered all the booth material the night prior and set it up beautifully in the morning. Franco had a rabbit on the table for people to touch and pet and he is a public relations genius. Our booth had raw Angora wool, yarn, scarves, hats, purses, ... available for the public to view and purchase. The booth both served the purpose of educating people about Angora rabbits and provided an outlet for members to sell some of their products.

In the three rabbit shows, Betty won specialty Best In Show with two different does. Emmy at 14-1/2 months old won specialty Best In Show in show A and C; Marie at 7 months old won specialty Best In Show in show B. Reserve In Show in all three shows went to Lindsay's Giant Angora; Best of Breed French Angora in all three shows went to Lindsay's white senior doe and Best of Breed Satin Angora in all three shows went to Tracy's white senior doe.

We are very appreciative that Lambtown included us in the venue.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mohair Competition at Lambtown

Randy and Allen has the Best Mohair.

Mohair and wool judging.

More Mohair and wool judging.

People looking over Randy and Allen Mohair products.

The beautiful "thing" in the front are the Angora goat pelts.

There are more competition and shows than just triple rabbit shows at Lambtown on Saturday. Here are some pictures of mohair and wool competition.

Randy and Allen won every class in the mohair competition, shown in picture one.

Pictures two and three show the judging of wool and mohair. And the two bottom pictures showing Randy manning the Eureka! Mohair booth.
We all know that Randy and Allen are successful in rabbits; their Angora goats are also the best in the nation.

Randy and Allen along with Carol G. also judged the Angora specialty, American Fuzzy Lop specialty and Jersey Wooly specialty shows. More photos will be posted.