Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eric Flies In From PA

Eric flew to CA from PA on "black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving. He came to judge the shows in Lodi and to spend a 5-day working vacation with Randy and Allen.

Eric loves to compete. He has the "addiction" to rabbit shows like many of us. If there is a show, he has to have rabbits in the show to compete. He flew in with his famous Mini Rex, entered a buck and a doe in the show. In show A, his doe won the BOB. In show B, the BOB went to the buck.

The top photo shows Eric and his two beautiful Mini Rex. The one on the left is the doe and right the buck. In the second photo, Eric is waiting for the announcement of the Best of Breed winner, taken just minutes prior to the top photo.

The third photo shows the buck on the Best In Show table in show B. It was taken out several times by Armando, it is indicative of it being a serious contender for the top honor.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Carol G. On Her Way To Becoming a Judge

Carol G. has been a registrar for several years. Now she is on her way to becoming a judge.

To become an ARBA licensed judge, there are numerous requirements. One of them is to be a registrar for at least three years, to pass a written examination and then work under 8 different judges.

Carol has worked under Cathy S. and Randy in October. In the Lodi show, she is working under Melissa. Top photo shows from left to right, Carol G. and Melissa. The second picture shows the serious side of the two ladies when evaluating rabbits. The third picture shows that they are having a good time.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tracy's Satin Angora Winners at Lodi

The top photo is the Satin Angora show A Best of Breed winner Rios Mean Girl. She was picked by Randy.

The second photos is the Satin Angora show B Best of Breed winner Rios Roo. She was picked by Armando. When Armando judged the Best In Show in show B, Roo was mentioned as one of the finalists for the top honors.

Both were bred and shown by Tracy.

French Angora winners' photos are unavailable at this time. Will try to get photos in the next shows coming up.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Judging in Show B

In show B at Lodi, Armando was the breed judge as well as the Best In Show judge.

In the top photo, Armando is deciding the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex English Angora. The two finalists are on the table while Armando is checking back and forth to make his decision.

Armando picked Casey's Molina and the Best of Breed English Angora and Chu's Fawntana as the Opposite.

The next three photos were taken when Armando was picking the Best In Show:

In the second photo, Armando is examining the English Angora.

In the third photo, Armando is examinating the French Angora.

In the fourth photo, Armando is examinating the Satin Angora.

As we have learned, English Angora Casey's Molina was picked as the Best In Show. French Angora Best of Breed went to Carol W.'s colored doe; Best of Breed Satin Angora was Tracy's colored doe.

Both the French Angora and Satin Angora received honorable mentions during the picking of Best In Show. This shows the high quality of the three breeds of Angora in our area. Unfortunately Giant Angora is not a common sight in this area.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Judging In Show A

In show A at Lodi, the breed judge for the English Angora, French Angora and Satin Angora was Randy. The Best In Show judge was Doug.

In the first photo, Doug is checking the body of English Angora during the Best In Show judging. In the second photo, Doug is examining the tips of the wool.

In the third photo, we see Fawntana being squished in the judging coop.

As we have learned yesterday, English Angora buck Chu's Fawntana was picked by Doug as the Best In Show in show A.

In the fourth photo, Randy is judging the English Angora white senior buck class.

In the fifth photo, Randy is judging French Angora with Tracy writing, Lindsay holding a coop and Carol looking on. French Angora BOB went to Lindsay's white doe that is on the Best In Show coop in the second photo.

Satin Angora BOB went to Tracy's white doe; photo will be available in a couple of days.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Handsome Boy Fawntana

It is not easy for an English Angora buck to win an all breed Best In Show. Judges usually award the Best of Breed to the does thus the bucks seldom have the chance to go on to the Best In Show table.

Over the 25 years that Betty has been showing, she has had countless does that won multiple all breed Best In Show awards. She could count with her fingers for the number of times that her bucks won the all breed Best In Show.

It is very exciting that Fawntana won the Best In Show in show A on Saturday in the all breed show in Lodi. Fawntana has the body, the density, the texture, the color, the balance and he is in top prime condition. In addition, he has such a handsome face that is hard to resist.

The top two photos were taken at Betty's home. The third picture was taken at the Heinold booth and the fourth picture was taken at the Manna Pro booth at the ARBA convention in Fort Worth. Fawntana won the Best Opposite Sex of the breed at the convention; it is customary to go to the feed company booths to have pictures taken.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

English Angora Wins Double Best In Show

A fun day at the California Rabbit and Cavy Show double open and double youth all breed shows in Lodi yesterday.

English Angora won the big one again, twice on the same day with two different rabbits.

In the top photo, Betty's fawn buck Chu's Fawntana wins Best In Show in show A; Reserve In Show is the American Fuzzy Lop shown by Carol G. and Adam G., mother and son. Adam is home from medical school for Thanksgiving, he is photoed with Betty and judge Doug.

The second picture shows Casey's Molina as the Best In Show winner in show B with the same American Fuzzy Lop as the Reserve In Show. From left to right is Casey, judge Armando and Carol G. This is Molina's fifth all breed Best In Show.

More photos and reports to come.