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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mary Jane Wants To Be A Rabbit

This nestbox is so comfortable.

I wish I were a rabbit.

I am dreaming, I am dreaming that I am a mama rabbit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Casey's Home Grown Goodies

Casey's hand holding the berries and currants from her yard.

Casey's harvest.

Micky, the controller of berry plants, makes sure that the blackberries, raspberries, ... don't take over Casey's yard.

A day later, most of Casey's harvest went into the jars as jelly and jams.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nichole Wins Youth Best In Show In Wisconsin

More and more youth exhibitors are winning Best In Show with their Angora rabbits. Here is another report:

Nichole W. of Wisconsin won youth Best In Show in show A then Four Class in show B at the Indianhead show in Eau Claire, WI over Memorial weekend with English Angora Kokopelli’s Princess Kate.

The in the Weyauwega , WI show this past weekend the same doe won youth Best In Show in show A and she took BIS in both specialty shows last weekend. So, young Nichole has been doing awesome with her beautiful Princess Kate!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kellyjo Has A Good Show Day At Estes Wool Market In CO

In the Angora specialty show at the Estes Wool Market in CO, Kellyjo's Satin Angora wins specialty Best In Show.

Kellyjo's Satin Angora wins specialty Best In Show and her French Angora wins specialty Reserve In Show. Judge Randy does the judging.

This is a profile of the winner Satin Angora. In the coop behind the Satin Angora, a junior English Angora wins the breed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Youth Best In Show For Elsa

Menn's Louise has a great show day at the Napa 4H youth shows.

In show A, Judge Carol G. awards the youth all breed Reseve In Showto Elsa's entry Menn's Louise. Best In Show is a Florida White.

In show B, Menn's Louise receives youth all breed Best In Show from judge Keelyn. The Reserve In Show is a Mini Rex.

Elsa loves her Best In Show apron and Reserve In Show tote bag.

Dominique and Elsa at the statue of "The Grape Crasher".

Gabrielle reports, "On our way home from Napa, I decided to take a very short detour to show the girls a famous Napa landmark: The Grape Crusher. The Grape Crusher symbolizes the Gateway to the Napa Valley. Shhh, don't tell anyone that it's made from 6,000 lbs copper. I'd hate to see the metal thieves run off with it! It was made by Gino Miles (from Santa Fe, NM), and dedicated in 1988.

The Grape Crusher is bare-foot, has back pockets on his rolled-up jeans, and has a mustache!"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Bubbles A Puppy Or A Bunny?

English Angora bunny Bubbles has her own stroller buggy with a license place just below the handle.

She can see the scenery when being pushed for a walk in the neighborhood.

If she wants some privacy, the buggy can be zipped up.

This is a close up shot of the personalized (or bunnyized) license plate.

When Bubbles is ready for a hop with her paws, she has a customized harness on for putting on a leash.

This is a side view of Bubbles in her harness.

Bubbles is having a wonderful life as a pet, more like a puppy than a bunny. Her mom April says,

" I am the lucky one, I have Bubbles. While I watch TV she will lay long and flat and let me pet her as long as I wish with her eyes closed like she is in heaven, and so am I...we are perfectly matched.

But in the morning, boy watch out.. if I don't open her door the minute I come up the stairs she is banging every thing in her cage, I will open her cage door to let her out and then put her in with her treat dish which has her wheat grass I go out to cut and her oats and fruit, but if she is not through getting her attention first? she throws her dish across the cage, she wants to be picked up and petted and loved on for what she thinks is a reasonable amount of time and do not cut it short or she will throw a tantrum, I pick her up and give her more attention and then she is just fine, so the rule? don't rush the bunny in the morning! You could say she is spoiled.

Her buggy rides are great, the first time she tried to get out, pushed the top and when you would open the zipper she was in a hurry to dismount, but now? she just sits in there like she had been born in it. I put a layer of newspaper in the bottom and then a pee pee pad in the back which she knows to use and a blanket in the front 3/4 and she is perfect in it, you can push her all over in it with the top open and she sits in there just fine, but most of the time her mesh top is zipped up for safety reasons. There are two safety straps in the back of it so you can put the seat belt through it, keeps it snugly in place. There is a one button you push and the frame collapse for the car, SO simple and she can move in it forwards and back, the other carrier she could only turn around in. The best feature is you can hose the bottom if she pee's in it and it can be cleaned easily, but she uses her pads, as long as there is a pee pee pad she never misses, I have them in those little side pouches if she goes while we are out. We are very contained. She will drink from a little cup if I offer it to her, so that problem is solved, I don't put food in the buggy..nothing in? nothing out. Plus she is not out for that long, don't want her stressed, two hours max, and usually not that long."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ashley Wins Best In Show and Reserve In Show Just Before Entering the "Open" World

On June 5, just before her 19th birthday, Ashley won youth Reserve In Show in show A in PA.
Left to right are Ashley and judge Pam N.

Show B proves to be an even better show for Ashely, Judge Johnny awards the Best In Show to Ashley's French Angora colored senior doe.