Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sheep to Shawl, Llama to Pajama Festival in MA

What's going on? There's a sheep on the ground!

The sheep is getting shorn.

An almost naked sheep.

Clean sheep wool goes into the carder on the table.

Some beautiful batts and rovings from the carder.

Sample wool to be dyed.

Kids are fascinated by the finger dyeing. There are some newly dyed yarn in the background.

A close-up shot of the dyed yarns.

There are balls of yarns on the table ready to be used.

Kids learn to knit.

These cones of yarns are ready to be used in weaving demo.

Kids sample the looms and enjoy the weaving experience.

The background on the Sheep to Shawl, Llama to Pajama (SSLP) is that the idea was conceived by Nat Needle and Mihoko Wakabayashi of Saori Worcester Weaving Studio to have an opportunity for all members of the local area, no matter their age or abilities, to meet fiber animals and then watch various artisans utilize the fleece in the multiple manipulations/crafts that transform those fibers into textiles for human needs, such as clothing. At this year's event (and this is the fourth time this has been held) there was a farmer with her llamas, a shearer, who also did a couple of shearings, spinners, dyers, knitters, rug hookers, weavers, etc. Nat, who is an educator by profession, also led groups of children in song and games with a focus on fiber animals and their products.

SSLP 2011 was held at Worcester, MA's Green Hill Park, a multi-acre green spot in the middle of the city. Green Hill Zoo is located here and houses sheep, goats, pigs, ducks and geese and a pony.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Eric's New Yarn Creation

Eric loves to spin; he chats with little girl Nikki who is spinning during a show.

These are some of Eric's prize-winning mohair yarns.

These four skeins are Eric's most recent creation. Here are his description:
"Far left is adult "silver" mohair, 2 ply, overdyed with cobalt blue (tightly wrapped), then overdyed again with cardinal red (loose).

The next is also adult cream/off white mohair/shetland wool blend, single ply, overdyed in the same cobalt dye pot (tightly wrapped) then overdyed again in the same cardinal red dye pot (Iess tightly wrapped).

The next is 2 ply silvery brown-taupe kid mohair, sport weight, overdyed with brilliant yellow (I really like the color, its almost a greenish/yellow hue).

If I remember correctly, the far right is cream/taupe yearling mohair, 2 ply, overdyed with Egyptian red.

The mohair is all from HGF goats, the shetland wool was from Sara Amelse. Everything was hand dyed as yarn.

I spin one hour each night before I go to bed, no phone, no computer, no interruptions; to clear my head and it really helps! I've been playing with some different techniques with blending/plying the mohair and angora."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

White Rabbit Looking Forward To Convention

White rabbit is jumping over hurdles to get to the ARBA convention. Indy, here he comes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Diamond Kitty

Hello Kitty image is used in all sorts of products; the most popular ones are in merchandise marketing toward young ladies and little girls. It will be hard for little girls to collect this Kitty; it is made of diamonds and rubies, sold in high end jewelry stores. Though none of us is planning on buying such a luxurious item, we sure could appreciate the beauty of it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brock's English Angora Won Triple Youth Best In Show In OH

Brock with judge Jacinta.

Brock with judge Hannah.

Brock with Judge Kevin.

Youth exhibitor Brock reports good news: On October 1, his colored senior doe won the youth Best In show in all three shows in Ohio.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Donny Wins Best 4-Class

Big Time Donny is sitting beside all the other Best Of Breed rabbits waiting for Best In Show judging in the Springfield show in OH on Sunday.

In Ohio, for Best In Show selection, light weight rabbits and heavy weight rabbits are separate into two groups: 4-class and 6-class. Donny is eyeing his competition.

Judge Jacinta is the 4-class judge.

Judge Jacinta goes over Donny thoroughly.

Judge Jacinta's choice of 4-class: Big Time Donny and his mama Maureen.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

More Scenes At Harvest Fair

A tractor display.

Mini horse display.

Llama between barns.

Typical fair merchandise.

Junk food at the fair.

The most delicious and hardest to resist fair junk food: fried artichokes.