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Saturday, July 05, 2014

More Scenes at Portola Valley

Ruby Eye White English Angoras on the judging table.

Our gracious host Carol G. working at the American Fuzzy Lop table.

Casey and her beautiful young tort English Angora doe, a big winner in waiting.

Betty is putting the finish touch on Mackie who won BOSB English Angora in all three shows.

Franchesca has the most successful day by winning triple Best in Show in all three specialty shows.

For a list of the complete results, go to:

Friday, July 04, 2014

The Fourth of July Celebration

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Jersey Wooly at Portola Valley

Jersey Wooly breeders are not far from the Angora people.

Judge Nate and wife Lisa drove all the way from Utah to attend the show.  Nate and son Stewart are the main rabbit breeders in the family but Lisa is totally supportive of their activities.


Kids just love this show, or shall we say that they love Carol's swimming pool even more than the show.


Timmy and Danielle's otter Jersey Wooly doe wins the BOB and Carol's white buck wins the BOSB under judge Nate.   Just a year ago Danielle had her baby shower at this show and now Delani is one year old.


In the show judged by Melissa, Carol's Jersey Wooly white buck is still the BOSB winner but the BOB goes to Melodye's shaded doe. 

In the third show, the Jersey Wooly BOB winner is Cindy's doe and the BOSB is again Carol's REW buck.  Unfortunately photo is not available.


Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Cathy Judges Show C at Portola Valley


Cathy looks over an English Angora colored senior buck.

Another view of Cathy judging the colored senior buck class.

Cathy is now examining the English Angora colored senior doe class.
Cathy decides on the winner of the colored senior doe class. 

After picking the winners of the English Angora colored and white, Cathy is making a pick of the Best of Breed.

Cathy takes one more look before making the decision; Carolyn is watching the judging.

Cathy is judging the white French Angora buck HGF Ben Franklin.  Ben won the Best Opposite Sex of breed in show A and C, Best of Breed in show B.    Cathy's choice of the French Angora Best of Breed is Carol G's young colored doe BCG's Fair Lady (not shown in the photo). 

After the judging of the English Angora, Cathy and the exhibitors has a photo op.  From left to right are: Julie who shows French Angora but helps during the judging of the English Angora, Casey with her two young does, judge Cathy, Maria with her chocolate junior doe came all the way from WA and Betty with her colored senior doe Franchesca who won the Best of Breed then goes on to win the specialty Best In Show.


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Nate Judges Show B at Portola Valley

Nate and family drove all the way from Utah, a 14-hour drive to judge and to show his Fuzzy Lops.

Nate is working on the white buck class with Casey recording his comments.


Nate is examining the English Angora white senior doe.  Is the big white coat blinding in the sun that Nate needs his dark sun glasses?

Nate is looking at the English Angora colored senior doe, Charlie has arrived and starting watching the judging.

Charlie is watching with full attention, he said he's getting a little nostalgic with his show days. 

Nate is comparing the two big girls for English Angora Best of Breed.  Though Julie's breed is French Angora, she is interested in learning about the English Angora as well.

Nate does another check.  The wind is blowing as hard as a rabbit blower.   Amanda on the far right is considering joining the French Angora crowd but she's also watching the English Angora judging.


Nate is announcing the result: the BOB English Angora goes to the colored senior doe and the BOSB goes to the colored senior buck.

The French Angora BOB goes to the white senior buck and BOS goes to the colored senior doe.

And the specialty BIS goes to the English Angora colored doe Chu's Franchesca.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Melissa Judges Show A at Portola Valley

Melissa judges colored English Angora, Casey writes down the comments.

Melissa interacts with exhibitors.

Melissa likes the tort English Angora.

Melissa comments on the tort English Angora.

Melissa is judging the French Angora white senior buck.

The front view of the French Angora white senior buck, Carol G. writes the comments.


Look at Melissa's hair, one can see that the wind is blowing as strongly as a blower for the rabbits.

Melissa comments on the chestnut French Angora, Carol G. is doing the paper work.


The Best of Breed French Angora goes to the broken chestnut senior doe.


The Best In Shows goes to the English Angora Chu's Franchesca.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Angora Lovers at Portola Valley

It's the annual backyard specialty shows and potluck party at Carol G's home.    Here are some of the Angora lovers gathering at judge Melissa's table.

Betty never felt short or small unless Charlie is around, there is for sure a big difference in height and size.

Carolyn does not show but she loves to see the shows and visits with Angora people.   Here is Carolyn with Betty and itsy bitsy little white doe that is going home with Carolyn as a house pet.

Lunch and chit chat is always nice.   Charlie, Betty, Maria, Casey and Julie.    This is one of the very few occasions that Charlie comes to visit, it's a 6-hour round trip for him to attend this gathering.   Maria is even farther away, she comes from the Washington state, a 14-hour one way drive.