Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Visitors from So. California

Left to right: Mariepaule, Betty and Jennifer.

Lindsay replaces Betty's position in the photo to be with Mariepaule and Jennifer.

Jennifer used to show quite a bit in the So. CA shows then she decided to spend more time in the Angora goat shows. Now she is back in rabbit shows and we are very happy to see that happen. At the San Diego convention, Jennifer was the Wool/Skein/Garment chair. Her hard work made the contest a great success.

Jennifer and best friend and fiber artist Mariepaule traveled together to come to the West Coast Classic shows this weekend. We had a great time visiting and having pictures taken together. Jennifer's rabbits did very well in the shows, winning legs after legs. Mariepaule participated in the spinning contest and won the top prize.

A fun weekend indeed.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Found On The Net: The Biggest Rabbit On Record

He’s 4 feet, 3 inches from his wiggly nose to his puffy tail, and weighs in at 50 pounds. And while he’s not quite the size of Wallis and Gromit’s were-rabbit, he’s still young — and still growing.

Guinness World Records has certified Darius’ record, which is based solely on his length. The record-keepers used to also list animals by weight, but dropped that measurement out of fear that people were overfeeding their pets to get them in the record book.

Being a star has its benefits for the large lagomorph. Darius is insured for $1.6 million dollars, has an agent and travels with a bodyguard who reportedly makes about $100,000 a year just to wrangle a rabbit.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mike Avesing Visits California

"California For Mike Avesing"
(Photo taken by Lynn Fischbeck)
(click to enlarge the photo)

Mike judges English Angora.

Jesssica works on English Angora under Mike.

Judge Mike Avesing is the leading candidate for the office of ARBA president. He was the chair of the ARBA standard committee for many years and just completed his terms. He is one of the very top judges who fly all over the country to judge shows.

At the West Coast Classic shows, Mike is one of the featured judges. On Sunday he judged Angora. Youth royalty winner Jessica worked under his supervision during his judging. We had a great time watching his excellent work.

Show official photograph Lynn called a break from all judging to have a photo taken of Mike with judges and exhibitors out on the lawn. The photo is titled "California For Mike Avesing". We thank Lynn for allowing our blog to use this photo.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pretty English Angora Does

Casey and her black doe Kieran and Betty with her doe Ava. Kieran won all the shows on Saturday and Ava won all the shows on Sunday at Monterey.

Carol G. is one of the two specialty show judges who awarded the specialty Best In Show to Kieran.

Casey and Betty both have very pretty English Angora colored senior does in shows. At the West Coast Classic two-day shows, Casey's Kieran won BOB in all three shows on Saturday; two of the three shows are NCAG specialty shows thus she also won specialty Best In Show.

On Sunday Betty's tort doe Chu's Ava won Best of Breed under judges Mike and Roger and received an honorable mention from judge Mike in the all breed Best In Show judging.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Winners At West Coast Classic Show Part II

On Sunday the afternoon show was designated as show C. Open Best In Show went to a Mini Lop owned by Lana of Oregon. Judges Roger and April selected the winner, Lana's friend stood in for her as she was in school in Oregon.

Show C open Reserve In Show went to Larry and Rita's beautiful white Satin.

Judge Mike selected Alison's Mini Lop as youth Best In Show in show C. This Mini Lop also won the Best of Best In Show when all the BIS winners from open, youth and specialty shows competed for the title.

Joseph's Netherland Dwarf took youth Best In Show in show B and then youth Reserve In Show in show C.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Winners At West Coast Classic Show Part I

John B. won all breed Best In Show with his French Lop in show A on Saturday and then again in show B on Sunday. This photo was taken on Sunday, judges Mike and Willis (not shown) picked the winner. John is happy but looks sleepy, must be too excited to sleep after the first win.

Pretty Ashlee won Reserve In Show on Sunday morning with her Californian; there must be something in the air that caused judge Willis to be as sleepy as John! Judge Mike is shown behind Ashlee and Willis.

In the youth show on Sunday morning, judge Roger picked Joseph's Netherland Dwarf as Best In Show and Justin's Mini Satin as Reserve In Show.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Shows could be a lot of fun especially when the judges make fun of themselves.

Judge Carol G. is cuddling a Lionhead, judge Allen says, "Awwwww!!!! Carol is starting another breed!!!!"