Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kimijo Does a Wonderful Job

We were thrilled to learn that Kimijo of AZ was coming to the Orland shows last weekend. It was our hope to get her to judge Angora and was granted. She judged English Angora and French Angora on that day. Kimijo likes to judge Angora and we like to have her judge our rabbits, our feelings are mutual.

In the three photos, we see that Kimijo is concentrating in the evaluation of the English Angora. She checks the body, she checks the wool, she blows into the wool, ... she is very thorough in examining every aspect of the rabbits. Nothing escapes her eyes. She makes comments that are sharp and to the point, does an excellent job in placing.

We hope to have her more often in our shows. It is wonderful to have a judge that likes Angora breeds and does a wonderful job. It also adds to the pleasure that she is friendly and very pretty too.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

June and Family

It's a pleasant surprise to see June judging in the Sierra Foothill RBA shows last Saturday. June grew up in the show circuit, Betty has known June for over 25 years. In the 80s, June's dad was the superintendent and mom the show secretary of the GCRBA shows. June was then a youth working for her registrar's license and then her judge's license. She became a judge in her teens, one of the three teen judges in the show circuit in the 80s. Her mom Joy also worked for and successful received her registrar's license.

Over the years, June grew up and went through changes of her life. She is now a successful attorney with a beautiful daughter Caitlin and husband Jacob who is an equally successful attorney. June does not judge shows as often as in the past due to her busy professional and personal life, it's a treat to see her in Orland last weekend. How time flies, Betty still remembers June as a teenager at the same age as Caitlin. Now 25 years has passed by.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Armando, One of Our Favorite Judges

It has been several months since we saw Armando in a show. He had been working really hard to present the Otter Mini Rex at the ARBA national convention. Presenting a new breed or color is not a small task, it takes a minimum of three years and hundreds of hours of work. Even with the best effort, getting approval is an exception to the rule.

Armando got the Otter Mini Rex passed after several years of hard work. What an accomplishment! Now he is back to judging and we are thrilled to see him in shows again. He is one of our very favorite judges. He has excellent ability to pick the right rabbits and gets the respect from exhibitors. It is hoped that he will be in shows often and judge Angora on a regular basis.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Casey's Good News

Casey sends great news: Her two does gave birth on the same day.

After unsuccessfully breeding for bunnies for over a year, Casey finally hit the jackpot. The two does she got from Betty, Chu's Felicity and Chu's Kaylie, both gave birth on January 5, 2006. What a wonderful New Year's gift!

Felicity is an experienced mom, she has a litter of four, one white and three tort. This is her second litter (third photo from the top). Kaylie is a very young doe that went to Casey at the end of August 2005. This is her first litter with two white and one tort (the fourth photo from the top). The two top photos were taken on the day Casey picked up Kaylie in August.

Daddy to Felicity's bunnies is Casey's Arbuckle; daddy to Kaylie's babies is Casey's Bo.

What a treat to see the bunnies' pictures. Can't wait to see these bunnies and Cathy and Kim's bunnies on the show table in March.

Monday, January 09, 2006

French Angora Winners

Lindsay and Tracy are the two major winners of French Angora in the show circuit. It was no exception on Saturday in Orland. Judges have different tastes on the French Angora shown that day, Lindsay won some and Tracy won some. In the first photo, Lindsay is showing her new baby bunny to Tracy and Tracy is holding her Lynx senior. Tracy's Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex rabbits are featured in the second photo. Sorry that Lindsay's two winners are not featured as photos were not taken. Such mistake will not be repeated., Lindsay's winners will be featured in the next show when photos are taken.

The quality of French Angora has improved leaps and bounds from a few years ago. The more the competition, the better the rabbits being put on the show table. It will not be too long when a French Angora wins a Best In Show.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Emilia Wins All Breed Best In Show

It's the first weekend in January after New Year, we are back to shows. Sierra Foothill RBA starts the show circuit in Orland, CA. A very good day for Chu's Emilia, Betty's 10 months old English Angora chocolate tort doe. She won all breed Reserve In Show in show A and all breed Best In Show in show B.

What a nice way to start 2006.