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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Show A Angora Judging at Stockton

On Sunday, June 4, we started our day with Carol judging the English Angora, Casey clerks.  There are a table full of English Angora, all in gorgeous full show coats.

Matt and Aaron watch Carol commenting on the colored English Angora.

The pretty little black junior English Angora girl is getting a check from judge Carol.


Tammy loads the table with Giant Angora waiting for judge Carol to start.

Casey acquired a nice pair of Satin Angora at the convention in Del Mar last October, now the offspring of the pair are ready to be shown.


Judge Carol carefully compares the two Satin Angora juniors.


Carol has French Angora entries so the French Angora are judged by Ray.   Ray's table had some meat breeds on before Angora, the table is full of shavings and the shavings got attached to the full coated French Angora.

A broken French Angora doe is on Ray's table.

Judge Ray loves the colored senior buck.

For a complete list of the Angora winners, go to:


Friday, June 09, 2017

Angora Friends and Rabbits at Stockton

Rabbit shows are not just for competition, it's also a social event.
In the wonderful world of Angoras, we can't wait to see each other.  Here are some photos taken in the CRCS shows at Stockton, CA.
Betty, Casey and Carolyn.

Casey and her new breed Satin Angora.

Jill loves her French Angora big boy.

Amanda and her chestnut French Angora girl.

Matthew and his English Angora girl.

Carol and her big boy French Angora Austin.

Tammy and her two granddaughters drive all the way from WA with her Giant Angora juniors.


Thursday, June 08, 2017

Open Reserve In Show Winners at Stockton


In the same CRCS triple open shows, the Reserve In Show winners are as follows:

Show A judge Jake from WA awards the Reserve In Show to Betty's English Angora tort senior doe.

Show B Reserve In Show goes to Gary's Champagne D'Argent.  The awarding judge is Scott from CO.

Judge Bryant from OH awards the show C Reserve In Show to Betty's English Angora fawn senior doe.


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Open Best In Show Winners at Stockton

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows holds triple all breed shows on Sunday June 4, 2017 at Stockton, CA.
In show A, judge Jake from WA awards the Best In Show to Jeanette's Netherland Dwarf.

Best In Show in show B goes to the Californian shown by Randy who does not like to appear in front of the camera.   Best In Show judge is Scott from CO.


Jeanette's Netherland Dwarf wins the Best In Show again in show C, judge Bryant is from OH.


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Fawnalisa Wins Show C All Breed Reserve In Show at Stockton

Fawnalisa is one of the fawn sisters.  They just turned senior less than a week before the CRCS show on June 4 at Stockton.   She is young but she is pretty, dense, and with a great body.

Judge Bryant recognizes Fawnalisa's strength and awarded her the Reserve In Show in show C.



Monday, June 05, 2017

Jada Wins Show A All Breed Reserve In Show at Stockton

CRCS holds triple shows at Stockton on Sunday June 4, 2017.

Pretty Jada has won two specialty Best in Show at the WCC and now she wins ...

...all breed Reserve In Show in show A at Stockton.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Thread Art

There's a display of Hapsburg lace bookmarks.
It's a special form of embroidery art.

If you put "Hapsburg bookmark" on google, you'll be surprise how many beautiful images you'll find.


With thread, there is another art form: Temari Balls.

According to Wikipedia, "Temari balls are a  folk art form originated in China and was introduced to Japan around the 7th century A.D. "Temari" means "hand ball" in Japanese. Balls made from embroidery may be used in handball games."

The display of the Temari Balls at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center is very nice.

It's doubtful anyone would use these as handballs for the game, they are really pieces of art.