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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Carol Visits Shaw's Blue Mountain Fiber Mill, Part 2

"The Shaw's even have a small farm shop with gorgeous yarn, both yarn they have spun from merino wool, angora rabbits, and goats, plus commercial yarn. " 

"The blue yarn is merino wool and sari silk (I plan to knit a sweater).  The lavender is merino and angora; its heavenly!  The gray is natural colored mohair and also very soft." 

Carol could not resist, she says, "Of course I had to buy some!  I plan to send fiber to the mill for processing soon."

From left to right are Madi Shaw, Angie Shaw, Ashley Shaw and Matt Bishop.   They run the mill and the shop together.    Carol says, "Thank you to Angie and the family for a great time!"

For more information about the Blue Mountain Fiber Mill, go to:


Friday, August 10, 2018

Carol Visits Shaw's Blue Mountain Fiber Mill, Part 1

Carol and hubby had a family vacation in PA visiting grandkids.   Carol says, "We visited the Shaw's fiber mill in Pennsylvania during a recent family vacation.  Angie, Ashley, Madi and Matt were so gracious and everyone enjoyed the trip.  I should have taken a photo of the building but forgot to do that but there are several of the interior.  After greeting Angie and family, we had to visit the animals.  There were two miniature horses, sheep, angora goats and of course rabbits."

In the above photo, Carol's daughter-in-law Heather and granddaughter Adara are visiting with the miniature horses.  

"The drive to Blue Mountain Farm and Fiber Mill is beautiful!  Although it seems very isolated, in fact their farm and home are only 10 min from Harrisburg and the PA Farm Show Complex."  In the photo are Carol's son Adam and grandson Adriel.  

Grandpa Jim holds Adara and visits with a Flemish Giant held by Madi.

"The mill was full of equipment including a picker, carder, and of course the spinner.  There were bags of unprocessed wool, as well as yarn waiting to be shipped out."

Processed rovings.

More rovings.

More equipment and processed rovings.

Rovings being processed.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Annual Barn Cleaning, Part 2

The interior of the barn is being power washed.

Lighting fixture on the right side is covered with a plastic bag while the power washing is being done.

The cleaned stacks are drying in the sun.

It's dark, people are tired but at least the cages are all back into the barn.

The other side of the barn.  Most of the rabbits got back to their condos by 2 am on day 2.   There were 7 left in the garage while they stayed in bigger carriers.

On day 3, rabbits are all back in the barn, our garage floor is also being power washed.   

It's hard to imagine, the rabbits could make quite a bit of poops and wool in two days.  A complete washing is in order.

Lots of carriers to be cleaned.

It was exhausting to take apart the entire set up in order to get a complete cleaning.  The end result is rewarding.    It'll be maintenance cleaning through out the year then this process will be repeated next summer.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Annual Barn Cleaning, Part 1

Carriers on the cage stands, it must be Betty's barn cleaning time.

Thirty plus English Angora are in carriers, they are going to have to stay in our garage overnight waiting for their condos being cleaned.

A swamp cooler is just outside of the garage in the upper left corner.

No matter how elegant they look, rabbits can make a mess over time.

The flame from a blow torch on propane helps to burn the wool and spider web cumulated in and out of the condos.

A strong power washer is a must for cleaning.

After flaming, the power wash blasts away the poops stuck on the cage floors.

The condos have peg board as dividers to prevent the rabbits from chewing on each other and reduce the chance of germ transfer.

There are lots of trays that need washing.

…. and more....

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Good Eating Habit

Summer time is tomato time. 

Casey installs good eating habit on her grand daughter Isaura who is 5 years old.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Rayna Getting a Haircut

Rayna in prime a few months ago.

Rayna's coat still pretty but not as great as during the prime.

As hard as it may be, it's time for Rayna to have a haircut.  

Her nice smooth body is exposed after the wool is cut from her back.

Rayna is not trying to imitate a peacock, just getting a haircut.

The "wool fall" is very impressive from the rear end....

… but not as impressive viewing from the front.

Rayna will be back to shows in 3-4 months when her coat grows back.  

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Peacock or French Angora?

Rayna imitating a peacock?