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Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's the St Patrick's Show, You Got the Wrong Color!

Betty wears red, Carol wears fuchsia and pink; the two ladies do not understand the appropriate color for the St. Paddy's day.

Superintendent Chris has a photo taken with Betty while getting photo-bombed.  Chris and Betty entered the wonderful world of rabbits at about the same time over 34 years ago and they have something in common: each has won a Best In Show at the ARBA convention.  Betty's convention Best In Show win was in 1992 and Chris is the reigning Best In Show winner.  

French Angora HGF Ben gets a lot of love from Kevin, Carol and Betty.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Angora Judging at Hollister


Show A judge Kevin is comparing the BOV colored and BOV white to decide on the Best of Breed English Angora.

Judge Kevin is comparing the BOV white and BOV colored to decide on the Best of Breed French Angora.

Judge Kevin is working on the Satin Angora colored junior doe, Carol records his comments.


In show B, judge Scott R. is checking on the English Angora colored senior buck.

Judge Scott has the three French Angora finalists on the table for the Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed, Carol watches.


Judge Scott R. comments on the Satin Angora, Brian writes.


In show C, judge Josh is examining an English Angora colored senior doe.


French Angora colored senior doe is being checked by judge Josh.


Judge Josh is working on the Satin Angora colored junior doe.

For a list of the complete Angora results, go to:


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Youth Winners of Various Competitions at Hollister

Other than the ARBA sanctioned winnings such as BIS, RIS, BOB, BOS, ... Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley adds some non-ARBA competitions.

The club sponsors a "Joie Award"; youth exhibitors can pick a rabbit that is home bred to compete for this award.   Judge Scott W. picks Arielle's Jersey Wooly as the best home grown youth rabbit.   This award is picked before the judging begins.

During the lunch hour, the club sponsors a "Port of Gold" award.   Open and youth exhibitors can pick one rabbit and pay a fee to compete for a $100 bill.     Judge Scott R. picks Taylor's New Zealand as the recipient of the $100 award.

The best item in the raffle is a stack of three cages donated by Country Cages.   There are lots and lots tickets in the bag and the lucky winner of this 3-cage unit is Alison.  


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Open Top Winners at Hollister

Show A Best In Show goes to the Mini Satin owned by Melissa who is not in the show room.  Pictured is the Best In Show judge Don from VA.

Judge Don selects Kathi's Polish as the Reserve In Show in show A.


In show B, judge Josh from TN awards the Best In Show to Kathi's Polish; in the photo from left to right are Kathi, Kathi's granddaughter Emiko and judge Josh.

Judge Josh's choice of the show B Reserve In Show is Tim's Netherland Dwarf.

In show C, judge Kevin from AZ picks the Californian as the Best In Show, the rabbit is co-owned by Randy and Lauralee.

Judge Kevin's choice of the show C Reserve In Show is Ann's Havana.

With three open shows and three youth shows, there are six Best In Show winners: Mini Satin, Polish and Californian in open show A, B and C respectively, New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf and Mini Lop in youth show A, B, and C respectively.  

Judges Josh and Don pick the best one out of the six and the winner is Kathi's Polish that is the open show B Best In Show winner.

Big congratulations.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Youth Top Winners at Hollister


In youth show A, judge Allen B. awards the youth Best In Show to Taylor's New Zealand.

Judge Allen B awards the youth show A Reserve In Show to the Mini Lop, owner Lilya is not in the show room.
In youth show B, the Best In Show is Emma's Netherland Dwarf and Reserve In Show is Taylor's New Zealand.  Judge Justin did the pick.

The youth show C top winners: Havana gets the Reserve In Show and the Mini Lop the Best In Show.


Judge Randy picks the Mini Lop as the Best In Show, owner Lilya is not in the show room.

Bailey's Havana gets the honor of Youth Reserve In Show from judge Randy.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley St Patrick's Day Show at Hollister

RPSCV holds the St. Patrick's Day triple shows on March 14, 2015.
The showroom is predominantly decorated in green, all the judges and volunteers are all given a green apron.
The secretary's table.

The registrar at work.
Nice showroom with newly refinished hardwood floors.

The judging tables are in the middle, the booths and exhibitors have the wall spaces.

The wool corner at one end of the building.    The upper level behind the Angora is the snack bar ...

and the area intended for rabbit jumping contests.



Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tammy's Giant Angora Wins the First All Breed Best In Show

Tammy reports:

Fuzzy Vaughn's Julie Andews, Jr Giant Angora doe, won BIS on Saturday Marc 14 at Kennewick,  WA. TCRA, Tri- Cities Rabbit Association Spring Rabbit & Cavy Show B. Judged by Douglas Sprague.

This is Tammy's first all breed Best In Show. 


Tammy is surrounded by her beloved Giant Angora beauties at home.