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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Randy and Allen Wins Big at the Colored Angora Goat National Show

Randy and Allen are known for their excellent Angora goats and they are also known for their traveling.  This combination brought them to the National Colored Angora Goat show in Iowa.  Allen says,

"We won both champions and best in show as well as 5 classes and all raw mohair divisions. We are thrilled."

Friday, August 22, 2014

Betty Welcomes Dr. Pete

On the day Jeannie and Kathi visited Betty, Dr. Pete also came to visit.  Dr. Pete has been Betty's veterinarian since 1992, that's a long time.

Dr. Pete founded San Martin Animal Hospital and owned it for 30 years.   To prepare for retirement, he sold the ownership of the hospital but still practices there.   He is well known in the Bay Area to be the host of the PBS TV program Petpourri, he writes columns in various newspapers and pet websites, he is now the host of the radio call in program Dr. Pete's Petpourri, read more about it on

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feral Cat? House Cat?

This is one secure looking house cat who is enjoying a lazy summer afternoon.  

Remember Oscar the feral cat?  If not, take a look at him just one year ago in July when he got trapped by Maureen:

Then in December 2013, he felt secure enough to get inside Maureen's home:

Now Oscar is an integrated part of Maureen's family that includes not only the feral turn house cats but also rescued dogs.  More on the dogs later.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eric's French Angora Won Best In Show at Greater Pittsburgh Show

It's no surprise for us to see Eric's French Angora winning all breed Best In Show.  Here is another one: HGF I Alone, a lynx doe.   She has won a few other shows in New York and this photo shows her Best In Show at the Greater Pittsburgh show in June.

In the photo are Eric and judge Piper.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kathi and Jeannie Visit Betty

The temperature and the friendship are equally warm, Kathi and Jeannie come by to Betty's place for a visit.  Though living only 15 miles apart and seeing each other in shows regularly, this is the first time Kathi and Jeannie visit Betty's place. 

Kathi likes Mackie, the handsome boy.

Jeannie loves the two white English Angora bunnies.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Betty's Annual Barn Cleaning Done, Part 3

After power washing, the barn is left to dry out overnight.  What a nice and crisp smell in the morning.

Stacks are wheeled into the barn.

J feeders are bleached and being sun-dried.

More stacks are wheeled into the barn.

All stacks are in, now need the trays, bottles, feeders and rabbits.

Life is back to normal, rabbits are all in their condos and blinds are hung; a long sigh of relief until next August.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Big Cleaning Day - Life in the Carriers, Part 2

Not having enough carriers for every rabbit, some have to double up temporarily.  Sisters Jenica and Joelle had not seen each other since they were babies, now they are so happy to be reunited.
Jenica and Joelle from the other end of their body.

Two bunnies share a two hole carrier.

A fawn buck with coat is enjoying his own carrier.

The does that have a summer cut are sharing carriers while waiting for their condos to be cleaned.

Got to love the English Angora, they are so good natured.    They can be housed individually or together without any disagreement.

Franchesca who carries a full coat stays in her regular show carrier.

On the left with the light coming in, there is a swamp cooler blowing cool air all day long.

Franchesca is trying to remind Betty that her bowl is empty.

McKenzie moves in with her babies inside Betty's family room.