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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Best In Show Judging at Gridley

Show A Best In Show judged by judge Kendal Bladsoe of WA.

Show B Best In Show judged by Cathy Szychulda of CA.

Show C Best In Show judged by Melissa Magee of CA.


Friday, October 17, 2014

English Angora Judging at Gridley

There are 25 English Angora entries at Gridley, a very good number.   The judging table has a capacity of 16 coops, in the above photo are all the white and some of the colored English Angora.
Here is another view of the English Angora in the judging coops.

In show A, judge Susan from Utah is examining a colored English Angora.   Casey is writing down comments from Susan.

Show B judge is Neal from Utah, he is placing the white English Angora.  Mac is watching judging carefully, he has become an English Angora owner at Gridley.


The English Angora does fill the coop and more, judge Cathy is working on the colored senior doe class.

For a complete list of English Angora and French Angora show results, go to:


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Great French Angora Turnout at Gridley


On one judging table, judge Susan from Utah is examining the open French Angora.

There are a good number of open French Angora on the judging table. 

On another table, judge Neal of Utah is working on the youth French Angora.  Number wise, there are more youth French Angora than the open French Angora.   
Judges Neal and Susan exchange table after each is done, now judge Neal is working on the open French Angora.  Julie writes for judge Neal.

Judge Susan is checking on the youth French Angora.

In show C, judge Cathy works on the white French Angora.

Judge Cathy is placing the white French Angora.   Julie also clerks for judge Cathy.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Top Winners at Gridley

Of the 6 top spots in the three open all breed shows, Randy's Netherland Dwarf and Betty's English Angora won 5 of these spots: the Netherland Dwarf won 2 Best In Show and the English Angora won 1 Best In Show and 2 Reserve In Show.  The remaining top spot went to the Havana in show C.

In youth show B, judge Tracy picks Megan's Mini Rex as the Best In Show.

In youth Show B, the Mini Lop owned by John and Lauren wins the Reserve In Show from judge Tracy.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Randy's Netherland Dwarf Wins Double Best In Show

Randy's black Netherland Dwarf wins its 16th all breed Best In Show in show A from judge Kendal.
Randy asks Betty, "Did I break your record?"   "No, McKenzie also has 16". 


In show B, the same Netherland Dwarf wins the #17th all breed Best In Show.

  Randy says, "Now I broke Betty's record.   I got 6 more chances before convention!"

Netherland Dwarf exhibitors at the convention do not have to worry, this little beauty is not going to Texas as Randy is one of the breed judges.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Franchesca Wins All Breed Best In Show and Double Reserve In Show

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows held triple all breed shows at Gridley, CA on October 11, 2014.
Betty is grooming her English Angora chocolate tort senior doe Chu's Franchesca at the grooming spot just outside the showroom.   Behind Franchesca is Betty's fiber display.
Careful grooming pays off, in show A judge Kendal from WA awards the Reserve In Show to Franchesca.  Randy's Netherland Dwarf wins the Best In Show.

In show B, judge Cathy also awards Reserve In Show to Franchesca.



In show C, judge Melissa chooses Franchesca as the all breed Best In Show.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Isaura Loves Domestic Rabbits Magazine

Casey talks about her granddaughter, "Isaura loves to ready the DR." 

Casey continues, "Very interested in the judging photos maybe she'll be a good judge. She reads it from cover to cover."