Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 03, 2005

All Smiles on Lovely Tracy

Tracy sent great news today. Giselle won BOB French Angora and Scarlett won BOB Satin Angora at the California State Fair. The photo on the top is Tracy with Giselle, a chestnut agouti French Angora junior doe; the photo on the bottom is Tracy with Scarlett, a red Satin Angora junior doe. Giselle's photo is on an earlier post when she won BOB at the Monterey Fair.

Tracy is all smiles recently. Her rabbits are doing great in shows and she has just been elected the VP of the national Angora club. Congratulations to Tracy.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Holly and Her Bunnies

Our new Canadian member Holly is featured today. Holly was in a show in Canada with fellow youth breeder Rachel a few months ago. They had a good time and took a picture together.

On the right, some of Holly's bunnies are in a "gift basket". They are so cute that they had to be the gifts from the angels above.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Having Fun with Kool-Aid and Easter Egg Dye

I have not received any rabbit news today.

Kids have fun dyeing eggs around Easter. Adults can have fun playing with Kool-Aid and Easter Dye year round.

Kool-Aid and Easter dye work great for dyeing Angora yarns. On the right, I use the combination of various colors available in the Easter Egg Dye Kit and in Kool-Aid. Mixing and matching, I made 24 different colored skeins. Each 20-yard skein uses one pack of Kool-Aid or equivalent. These skeins use prime Angora wool and spun medium fine.

When I groom rabbits, I put all the wool from different rabbits in one bag. There are different color, different length and different grade in my miscellaneous wool bag. The yarn is spun thick 'n thin with variegated colors then ply with silk. I used 4 packs of grape Kool-Aid and turned the skein into a purple yarn. This yarn is perfect for a hat, or with several skeins it'll make a very nice vest.

Every bit of wool from the Angora rabbits is useful for something.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Maureen's Winning Boy

Our Ohio member Maureen went to a show last Sunday with her beautiful boy Bruno. Bruno's official name is Chu's Bruno, a white English Angora buck from Betty. Bruno took BOB over all the other bucks and does. Maureen is happy and Bruno is happy. Bruno also serves as the official greeter at Maureen's boarding kennel. He is loved by the workers and the clients.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Casey and Her New White Doe

NCAG board member Casey has not been showing for a while. She stopped by today with her future daughter-in-law Ashlie to visit. BC13SK, a yet to be named white doe from Betty, went home with Casey today. Hopefully that the new girl will add some nice bunnies to Casey's barn.

Joaquin the Dog Chauffeur

I know, I know, this is a club for rabbits. Well, if we can have a picture of a sleeping bear, we can have a picture of a dog working as a chauffeur.

Our Berkeley member Julie does not have any Angora right now, Joaquin is her beloved companion. Joaquin the dog, got the name from "Walking the dog" is a pure breed champion Portuguese Waterdog. Joaquin takes ride in the car often, to the show ring or to wherever the fun is. Here he is trying to be the chauffeur for his mom Julie in her 1956 Mercedes 190SL.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

English Angora in the NCAG Spec. Show

In the NCAG show in Monterey last week, Chu's Marissa took the specialty Best In Show. She is a beauty. Her photo is at the top.

Charlie's Enoch took Best Opposite Sex of the breed in both shows in the fair and in the NCAG specialty show. He is a very handsome boy.

Marissa's mom Betty and Enoch's dad Charlie are very proud of their very gorgeous kids.

Tracy's Winning Girls

Tracy sent in the photos of her winning girls in Monterey last week. The one on the left is Madame Blueberry, the BOB French Angora of the NCAG specialty show. The middle photo is Giselle, the BOB French Angora at the fair show.

Brenna is the Satin Angora that won BOB in both of the NCAG specialty show and the fair show. Look at the beautiful sheen on her coat.

What a treat to enjoy the photos of these beautiful girls.