Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Living Quarters For Bubbles

Bubbles lives next the the sofa for TV watching.

Bubbles exercise on the deck. Wires were added to the railings to prevent any accidents.

View from the exercise deck.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Pepper Plants Multi-functional

Among the pretty annuals, there is one lone pepper plant.

The peppers are as pretty as the flowers.

This pepper plant is in the veggie garden.

With ample sunlight, the peppers in the veggie garden grow a lot faster.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Carol G. Goes To The Sock Summit

Sheep fleece on the classroom floor while we touch, sort and take some fiber to spin.

Judith (in black tunic) talking to students.

Convention center and an overcast Portland morning.

Entering through "Sockgate". The market is through the dorrs where there were yarn and fiber vendors.

Tiny socks.

Huge socks.

Carol G. says,

Last week was the Sock Summit in Portland, OR at the Convention Center. Believe it or not, the Sock Summit was a convention dedicated to knitting socks! Or as the motto of the event states "Taking sock knitting almost too far!" It was full of knitters, yarn, classes, shopping, and lots of fun.

On Friday, I took a class on spinning yarn for socks with Judith MacKenzie. She brought several different sheep fleeces and taught us about the differences in the wool, how to select a fleece, and fascinating information about sheep in general. It was an amazing class and I recommend taking any class you can from Judith if you are interested in fiber, spinning or anything close!

The event had a sock museum in the middle of the market. There were huge socks to tiny socks, and everything in between. If you search youtube you will even see the sock knitters dancing in a "flash mob" in front of the convention center. There is nothing like taking a fun hobby and making it even better! I look forward to the next Sock Summit.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Hat As Delicious As An Ice Cream Cone

We heard from our newsletter editor Kathy:

"The inspiration for this hat is Wurm by katushika, found on Ravelry. Wurm is a slouchy little feminine beauty of a hat. My version in no way does it justice, but it fills my requirements. I need a hat that's practical and close-fitting. This hat is mostly angora I spun. Angora is gorgeous, warm, and lightweight. The brim is sheep wool, a single ply spun by a friend. Sheep wool is hard-wearing and elastic. The combination is incredibly comfortable. The hat was fun to knit and a joy to wear. It's light on my head and in my backpack. And yeah, who thought we'd be wearing angora in August? "

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Potty Training Ribbons And Starfish

What is the Angora puppet doing on top of the bedspread? And that big plastic box?

Angora puppet invites Ribbons and Starfish into the big box.

Ribbons is getting the idea but Starfish is clueless, "What do you want me to do?"

Angora puppet says, "Do what Ribbons did, go pee in the box!"

Ribbons is relaxing after she did her pee pee but Starfish still sits there clueless.

Mama April says,

"When I put the babies in the pan, they sit in there with me sitting next to it, when they pee I move back to the pillows and let them jump out and play on the bed, in about 12 minutes I put them back in and move back to the pan so they can't get out, when they go to the bathroom I move back to the pillow and let them jump out.

When they have this down pat, the bed will eventually come out and that pan will go on the floor and they will be able to run around the room. I will cover the A/C cord and there will be no more cords in outlets, so they can be potty trained and have exercise in the room."

Monday, August 01, 2011

Real French Angora Or .....

A French Angora enjoying a nice and soft bed.

A French Angora exercising on the deck, right? Look closer, is it really a bunny or ????

It does look like a bunny, a French Angora. Nope, it's a puppet!

If you need a white junior French Angora to make a class of 5, this puppet may help. Just kidding, judges won't like it.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Backyard Shows/Party In Utah

Similar to Carol G.'s summer backyard show and party in CA, her fellow Fuzzy Lop breeder and good friend Nate also hosted a backyard show and party in UT.

The judges were Todd N. from IN and Doug S. from WA. Nate and family were wonderful hosts; judges and exhibitors all had a great time.