Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chloeanna Is A Sleeping Beauty

It's toward the end of the Red Bluff 3-day weekend shows, people are tired and so are the rabbits. Betty sits down for a rest and Chloeanna takes a nap at Betty's lap.

Betty tends to her knitting while Chloeanna snoozes.

A close up shot of Chloeanna sleeping.

Even at sleep, Chloeanna is a beauty.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Working Time For Jersey Wooly Breeders

At the Red Bluff show, Jersey Wooly had a great showing of over 50 rabbits. Sandra drove all the way from So. CA to attend the shows and to transport free of charge Jersey Wooly rabbits from the north to the south. Her van was packed full to the ceiling. Sandra also did very well in the breed, winning Best of Breed in two shows. Sandra is the layout and graphic designer for Domestic Rabbits. If you wonder why DR looks so good in the recent years, Sandra has a lot to do with it.

Angel is very active in Jersey Wooly in the No. CA area as well as on the national level. Angel at the left and Sandra at the right are working the Jersey Wooly website together at the Red Bluff show. Angel's Jersey Wooly won Best of Breed in one of the shows at Red Bluff.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boo Is A Kissing Fool

Are you going to kiss me or not?


Are you going to kiss me or not?

If you don't like kissing, how about teething?

Or I can kiss you hand.

Molly and Boo are wearing matching outfit.

Oh, mom, kiss me, kiss me!

This is where I love to be, in my mama Tomi's arms.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Harlie is Alvin: Mystery Solved

Betty says,

I called several neighbors leaving messages about finding a stray rabbit. After four days, a lady knocked at our front door and said, "My name is Julie, I live four houses down. I understand you have our rabbit Alvin?"

Hubby answered the door, so he asked, "What breed of rabbit?" Julie said, "Harlequin".

That's pretty specific, so Julie came into our yard and reunited with Harlie. Well, Harlie's name is not Harlie, Harlie's name is Alvin. Julie said, "Alvin lives with our chickens, he is very maternal to our chickens. He runs around our yard for the last three years, never strayed too far, he always came back at night. We did not expect him to hop so far to your yard. I was really looking for him and our next door neighbor George said that you had left a message about a rabbit."

So Harlie, no, Alvin goes home with Julie to be the chicken guardian again. Would Harlie/Alvin know that he came very close to becoming a show rabbit? Probably not. Chickens are good.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Studying Harlequin Standard: Adventure of Harlie

Harlie is settling in, really tame and gentle, a very good boy.

Betty says, being a diehard show person, I can't help but go to the Standard of Perfection to study Harlequin. This side of Harlie's face is OK, should be orange but there are some black.

This side of face is really good.

The line is very straight. The ears are a little off, the black side of the face should have an orange ear and the orange side of the face should have a black ear.

The tummy marking is quite good and the legs are very straight, definitely not pinched.

Harlie seems to be a nice rabbit that I could try showing him. Since he came without a passport (aka pedigree) nor his suitcase (aka background), it'll be just for fun. There is no chance of registration thus not eligible for Grand Champion no matter how well he does in shows.

Is Harlie going to a rabbit show when the 2012 show season starts? Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Settling In: Adventure Of Harlie

The next morning, Harlie is back to Betty's yard.

Harlie likes to dig, dig and dig.

The poor flowers are not Harlie's worthy opponents, they are Harlie's casualties.

Can't fight Harlie, will join Harlie; Harlie gets a spot at the corner of Betty's barn with a 24 x 36 cage. The door is open, Harlie can hop in and out but no longer able to dig in the flower bed.

Harlie is quite content with this arrangement; he enjoys the water in the bowl and the pellets in the J feeder.

He hops onto the stool and grooms himself. He is a happy bunny.

Betty says,

I am now the mama of a Harlequin rabbit! What happens next? Stay tuned.