Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Results Of New Breed/New Variety Presentation

ARBA standards committee members are examining broken English Angora in the above photo. The committee started the proceeding on Wednesday, Nov. 10 around 8 am in the morning and ended in the late afternoon when all the presentation animals were examined and decisions rendered.

Unfortunately, neither the broken English Angora nor the broken Satin Angora has the green "Passed" sign next to their names. Each time the standards committee announced a decision, the green "Passed" or the red "Failed" was recorded to the score board. This is a photo of the final results.

The first column is the breed, the second column is the variety/color presented, the third column is the name of the presenter/developer and the fourth column is the final decision of the ARBA standards committee.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Arriving At SFO Safely

Betty says,

"The ARBA convention at Minneapolis is over, I flew home on the same flight as Carol G. on Delta. The flight was totally full but smooth and on time. Carol's hubby Jim and my hubby Albert both came to SFO to do their pick-up duties. I am posting some photos at SFO today. I will then share photos of my winners and other photos that I took at the convention and in Minneapolis. Hope you'll come back to check out our blog."

Carol's kennel of Fuzzy Lops are being pulled out of the Delta oversize baggage door.

Betty's kennel of English Angoras follows Carol's kennel.

Carol's hubby comes to pick up Carol and the rabbits.

Betty and her kennel are next to the baggage carousel.

Betty and Carol waiting at the SFO curbside.

Carol is taking apart her kennel to fit her SUV.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Youth Angora Winners At MN Convention

Youth English Angora BOB and BOS both belong to Katelyn.

Youth French Angora BOB Jessica.

Youth French Angora BOS shown by Amber.

Youth Giant Angora BOB and BOS both shown by Amber.

Youth Satin Angora winner Victoria was not present during judging.

Youth Satin Angora BOS shown by Paige.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MN ARBA Convention Best In Show

Holland Lop wins the open Best In Show in the ARBA convention in MN.

The Holland Lop poses with the sponsors of the $500 reward; the owner, Linda of Oregon, did not attend the convention.

Group winner Mini Satin.

Group winner Netherland Dwarf.

Group winner Holland Lop, won over the other three group winners to be awarded Best In Show.

Group winner Mini Rex.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Judging Day

White English Angora being judged.

Satin Angora waiting to be placed.

National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club booth.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Saturday and Sunday at Convention

At 5:40 am on Saturday at the Minneapolis airport, there are very few people. To pack for a 5-day stay at the convention, it takes some careful planning and arranging. In the dog kennel, there are 7 of Betty's English Angora rabbits that are entered in the convention. The medium size luggage to the side of the kennel contains the rabbit supplies such as risers, grooming tools, hay, blower, grain (rabbit pellets are supplied by the convention), sitting rags, turn table for grooming, ... etc. The airline allows a maximum of 50 pounds; the luggage weighs 49.5 pounds. It's an art to pack rabbit supplies for flying. On top of the kennel, there is a small carry-on luggage behind the pink tote; these two carry-on pieces contain all Betty's clothing, make-up and some snacks.

This is the English Angora section, there are some more at the back and some more across the isle. The English Angora breeders are the most neurotic ones, one can tell by just looking at all the paper and feed bag between coops as dividers.

This is the section for Giant Angora and French Angora; French Angora are at the far end.

There are close to 40 Satin Angora in this section, this is probably one of the highest number of Satin Angora shown in any shows and the first time ever that there are more Satin Angora than French Angora shown in any of the conventions.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Note From MN

Betty says,

"One of the most important parts of our blog is the photos. Unfortunately today I will have to break the tradition. I arrived in MN safely, Delta was pleasant to fly for this trip. Deb and Alicia were so kind to have picked me up at the airport and everything went smoothly.

Minneapolis temperature is in the range of 40s to 60s, almost like back home in CA; may be more like San Francisco than Morgan Hill. Rabbits were settled in and I did some grooming; of course one of the best part of convention is to see all the old friends around the country.

There were issues of Internet connection with the hotel, thus I could not assess my computer nor could I use the hotel computer. This morning, after much discussion with the front desk, I am now able to get on the Internet. so I am typing in this short message before I go to the showroom to feed and groom my rabbits.

Will take pictures and hopefully post them tonight."