Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Exhibitor Makes A Splash In Her First Show

New French Angora exhibitor Katy S. won five Best of Breed out of five shows at Crescent City with a colored senior doe that she purchased from Gabrielle. Supportive husband Ben and baby daughter Cecillia by her side when she enjoys her win.

Baby Cecillia likes the big French Angora.

Charlie plays with baby Cecillia when daddy Ben watches.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Purina's Big Event Center In Missouri

Purina opens an 84,000 square feet event center in Gray Summit, Missouri. The center is mainly designed for dog shows.

On the opening day of August 16, 2010, six of the previous Best In Show winners of the Westminster Dog Show appeared in the grand opening.

The act that really stole the show was a Border Collie herding six ducks dressed in tuxedo!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Karla Serves Monterey Fair For 34 Years

Monterey Fair has a long tradition of having one of the greatest rabbit shows. One of the reasons is the person in charge of the rabbit division: Karla. While most other fairs are cancelling the open rabbit shows, Monterey Fair has expanded from single to double shows and still keep the premium payback money. Karla is the one who makes it happen.

Betty recalls having Karla as the show secretary back in the 80s; it is still a surprise to learn that she has been serving in the Monterey Fair for 34 years. She is always able, polite and has the best for the exhibitors and animals.

The Monterey Fair board has awarded Karla a "Distinguish Service Award". We rabbit exhibitors are very fortunate to have her at the Monterey Fair. Though exhibitors cannot give an award but she definitely has won one in our hearts.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Tallest And The Shortest At Crescent City

On the same weekend of the Monterey Fair, there were five shows going on in Crescent City at the northern tip of CA. Allen sends in this photo and says,

"It's great to see Charlie at shows again. He was at Crescent City with all of his charm this weekend. Charlie never fails to keep everyone laughing and in a great mood! Here is a picture of the tallest and shortest breeders at the Crescent City show. The joke now is that Charlie is only 5', 9" tall, right? Carol and Muriel apparently not only match in height, but AFLRC club attire as well!"

We also learned that all three of them did very well in the show, winning umpteen BOB and Reserves. In Charlie's words, "Legs are coming out of my ears!"

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Top Winners At The Monterey Fair

In show A, Polish Princess Kathi won Best In Show with her black Polish. This is the first all breed Best In Show for Kathi.

Left to right are Trina with her English Lop that took Reserve In Show in show B, judge Joe and Dera with her Havana that won Reserve In Show in show A and Best In Show in show B.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Delilah Wins All Breed Best In Show

Big Times Delilah is the littermate sister of Jamey, Maureen is their breeder.

Delilah stays in OH and makes a big splash in the show on Sunday. At just 6 months old, she wins the first all breed Best In Show for her mama Maureen. Judge Ron R. picks Delilah as the Best In Show. Maureen brings one rabbit to the show and this one rabbit wins the big one for her.

Judge Donyelle picks Delilah as the Best Four Class.

Judge Kevin judges the breed.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Jamey Is The New Dustbunny

Jayne Castle's new book Midnight Crystal has been published on August 31, 2010. She has a new dustbunny character Gibson in Midnight Crystal. Gibson is a leather-wearing motorcycle-riding dustbunny whose human is the head of a detective agency.

Gibson is played by Big Times Jamey, a handsome black buck who has already won more than enough legs to be eligible for Grand Champion.

Enjoy the video.