Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, September 15, 2006

Baby Thunder

We've got a treat today. Look at this cutie pie puppy! His name is Baby Thunder, the pride and joy of our favorite judge Judy of WA.

Baby Thunder is a pure breed top show quality Pomeranian. Parents are champions, and he is expected to wake up the show circuit like a thunder when he is old enough.

Judy hand fed and hand raised this pup, he is as sweet as he can be.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Amy Wins at the Shows in New York

Our New York member Amy sends in pictures of her two winners in the show over the weekend.

The top photo is Spang's Willow, a white French Angora senior doe. She won the Best of Breed in the first show in New York. There were more than 40 French Angora shown in the breed.

The second photo is Spang's Emil that won the Best Opposite Sex French Angora in both shows.
Emil's baby photo was posted on our blog a few months ago. He has developed into a very handsome boy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

French and Satin Angora at Orland

Here are some photos of the French Angora and Satin Angora exhibition at Orland last Saturday.

Tracy won Best of Breed Satin Angora in both shows, and won Best of Breed French Angora in show B. Unfortunately she was home sick with a head cold. Her lovely husband Franco showed her rabbits for her. The top photo shows Franco with the broken French Angora that won BOB in show B and the double BOB winner Satin Angora in the right.

In the second photo, from left to right are Lindsay, Franco and Dawn from Oregon. They were putting their rabbits on the table when this picture was taken. Lindsay won the Best of Breed French Angora in show A.

Picture three shows Ray judging white French Angora with Lindsay recording his remarks. Ray is a real sweetie. He sacrificed his lunch hour to judge the Angora breeds so that we did not have to take the rabbits off the tables after show A was done. We appreciate Ray's generosity.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Holly's Avalanche Wins All Breed Best In Show

English Angora is winning Best In Show in Canada again.

Holly's white senior doe HHR's Avalanche won all breed Best In Show in the show sponsored by the Manitoba Rabbit Fanciers at Boissevain Manitoba on Saturday. The top photo shows Holly and judge Josh who picked Avalanche as the Best In Show. Avalanche is the one next to Holly.

The second photo is Holly with judge Dereck who picked Avalanche as the Best Of Breed in the other show.

HHR's Avalanche has won all breed Best In Show three times within a 3-week period of time.

There was also a competition called "The Best of Best Opposite Sex". Some clubs in our area also do it. All the BOS of the show would be put on the table for the judge or judges to pick the best one. Holly won this honor in both shows with her two bucks HHR's Blizzard and HHR's Alaska. In the top photo, the white English Angora next to judge Josh is HHR's Alaska.

Avalanche, Alaska and Blizzard are littermates born to Chu's Terena in January. Their dad is HHR's Rue who is the son of Chu's Vance.

Holly has been very successful in showing her English Angora. Her hard work is paying off big time.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Casey's Molina Wins All Breed Best In Show

We had fun at Orland yesterday.

Casey's beautiful English Angora tort doe Casey's Molina took Best Of Breed in both shows and then went on to win all breed Best In Show in show B.

Top photo shows Leslie examining Molina with Casey clerking. The second photo shows Ray judging white English Angora, with Betty doing the paper work. All the colored English Angora are in the coops waiting for their terms to be judged.

It was a very long day, especially for those who were waiting to go on the Best In Show table. Casey said she did not get out until 9:30 pm. No one with a camera was present when Molina won the Best In Show. Casey took a picture of Molina to share with our readers.