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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Three ARBA Judges In Japan

There were three judges traveled from the US to Japan to judge the double all breed and specialty shows in Japan on December 10.

The first photo shows the secretary and president of the ARBA Japan Show Circuit with the three judges.

The second photo shows Judge Briony from KS. This is not Briony's first trip. She did such a great job that she was invited back again.

The third photo is Judge Rusty from TN and fourth photo is Judge Josh also from TN.

We have not seen these three judges in CA shows, don't know them well enough to introduce them in detail. We hope that one day we may be able to see all three in our shows so that we could get to know them better.

Most judges like to have the chance to judge in Japan. It is a combination of business and pleasure. The next few pictures give some scenery that they might have seen in Japan. The mountain with snow on the top is the world famous Mount Fujiyama.

Friday, December 15, 2006

English Angora Exhibitors in Japan

We are quite familiar with Yumiko who won three Best In Show in all three open shows in Japan in November and December. She is in the first photo getting Carera BC2CE ready for the photograher. Carera's photo will be in a magazine in the near future.

The second photo is Hiroko with BC4CE, Carera's brother that has an excellent type.

The third photo is Kyoko with Chu's Celsior BC3CE that took Best Opposite Sex in both shows. It sure looks nice with a round pose.

As one could tell from the ear numbers, these three rabbits are littermates. Their mom is Chu's Mercedes, a 9-time all breed Best In Show winner; her photos appeared on this blog regularly from July 2005 to January 2006.

There are other English Angora breeders as well, their photos are unavailable.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

English Angora Wins Double Best In Show In Japan

There are five open all breed rabbit shows on three show dates in Japan each year: double shows in June, single show in November and double shows in December. Usuaully there are a few specialty shows to be held with the open shows. Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop are some of the popular breeds that have enough numbers to warrant specialty shows.

Our readers probably recall that Yumiko won an all breed Best In Show in November with BC2CE, the first time ever an English Angora won a Best In Show in Japan. Photos and reports are in November archives.

On December 10, 2006 in the double shows sponsored by ARBA Japan Show Circuit, Yumiki and Chu's Carera BC2CE made history again: An English Angora won double all breed Best In Show in Japan for the first time.

Yumiko is the owner, caretaker and groomer of Carera. We all know how important it is for an English Angora to be properly groomed and cared for before it has any chance in a show. Yumiko is doing an excellent job in presenting Carera.

At the top, we see Yumiko getting Carera ready for the show.

In the second picture, Judge Briony picked Carera as the Best In Show in show A. Yumiko is holding the flowers for the big win.

In the third photo, Judge Rusty picked Carera as the Best In Show in show B. Both Judge Rusty and Yumiko are happy!

The fourth picture shows the club officials with the three judges. From left to right are secretary of the ARBA Japan Show Circuit Akiko, Judge Briony, Judge Rusty, president of the ARBA Japan Show Circuit Julie and Judge Josh.

The fifth photo shows a view of the show room.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

English Angora BOB and BOS on Sunday

The Sunday shows at Red Bluff were sponsored by the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows.

Show A judge for English Angora was Leslie who picked Molina as the Best of Breed and Fawntana as the Best Opposite Sex. Photo at the top.

In Show B, judge Wade picked Molina as the Best of Breed and Monte as the Best Opposite Sex. The second photo shows Wade with Casey and the two winners.

As reported two days ago, Casey's Molina went on to win the Best In Show in show A and then received the honor of "Best of Best" after show B was completed.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

English Angora BOB and BOS on Saturday

The Saturday double shows were sponsored by Tehama-Butte Rabbit Club. The club has been putting on shows for many years.

In Show A, Casey's white senior buck Monte took Best of Breed and her tort doe Molina took Best Opposite Sex. Casey and her two rabbits are next to judge Neal in the top photo.

In Show B, judge Manuel picked Betty's fawn buck Chu's Fawntana as the Best of Breed and Casey's Molina as the Best Opposite Sex. Casey and Betty are pictured with judge Manuel.

Saturday was a lucky day for the boys who usually are under appreciated. They do not have as much chance as the girls to get the top honor in the breed.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Molina Wins Best Of Best In Show

Casey's Molina has a great day at the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows in Red Bluff on Sunday.

Molina won the Best In Show in show A and Donelle's Netherland Dwarf took Reserve In Show. The second photo shows the two happy winners with Judge Wade from MO.

After the show B was done, there is one more prize to be awarded: "The Best of Best In Show". This is a new category that has done occasionally in other parts of the country but has never been done in the northern part of CA. Best In Show winner in open show A, open show B, youth show A and youth show B were called to the table and the best of the four was picked. Judge Joey did the honor and Molina was picked as the best. The top picture shows Joey and Casey with Molina. The painted gourd is the prize for the Best Of Best In Show.

The third picture shows the carriers that Molina has won.

What a way to end a splendid show career, Molina will now retire from the show circuit and hopefully make babies soon.

Congratulations to Casey and Molina.