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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wiener With A Spirit

Look at me, I am so cute.

Balance issue? What's that?

You like three-legged rabbits, right? I am a three-legged dog.

Wiener dog race.

One of the major attractions in the NV State Fair is the Wiener Dog Races, a 50-foot dachshund sprint to the finish line. Each year there are more than 150 dachshunds competing to be in the “Wiener’s Circle”.

The star of this year's competition was a three-legged dachshund. No, he did not win the race, but he won the hearts of all the spectators. He is cute, friendly and full of spirit. He was totally unaware of his star status; he could not understand why people would go ga ga for him.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fawn, Fawnton, Emily, Emilia

Betty says,

"At the NV State Fair, I was grooming my fawn buck Chu’s Fawnton; a little girl came by wanting to touch him. I offered to take pictures of her and Fawnton to ease her urge to touch. Her mother also took pictures.

Her mother and I started a conversation; she told me that the little girl's name was Emily, an Apache Indian by birth and was adopted by her. We chitchatted a little bit, I told her that the name of Fawnton’s grandmother was Emilia, a variation of Emily.

They were about to leave, so I asked Emily’s mother, “What’s your name?” She answered, “Fawn”.

Fawn, Fawnton, Emily, Emilia. What a coincidence."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who's Bigger? Betty Or Swanka?

That is the BIGGEST rabbit I've ever seen!

Where is the head?

From these two pictures of Betty blowing Swanka, one may understand why "This is the biggest rabbit that I've ever seen!" and "Where is the head?" being two of the most frequent comments and questions in fairs and shows.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Armando Judges Show B At NV State Fair

Judge Armando's banner.

Armando is comparing the English Angora colored senior buck and doe to decide on the Best of Variety (BOV) colored.

Armando is comparing the BOV colored to the BOV white to decide on Best of Breed.

Where is Armando?

Armando with Betty and Best In Show winner English Angora white senior doe Chu's Swanka.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Glen Judges Show A At NV State Fair

It's NV State Fair day.

Going into the Livestock area.

Open show A judge Glen Carr, retired executive director of ARBA.

Glen checks body type during the English Angora breed judging.

The two finalists, white senior doe and colored senior doe, for the English Angora Best of Breed.

Glen judges Best In Show.

White English Angora is a candidate.

More examination on the English Angora.

Glen checks on a white Satin.

Glen flew in from OH to judge the NV State Fair. Betty says, "I met Glen for the first time at the NV State Fair in 1985 when he was the first year secretary/executive director of ARBA. How time flies, it's 2009 and he has retired after over 20 years of service.

He did a great job in judging, exhibitors had a good time watching a pro handling the judging. I also had a chance to chat with him about the old time before he had to hurry to catch his flight home to OH."

Monday, August 31, 2009

Swanka Wins Double All Breed Best In Show In Reno

Swanka on grooming stand.

Betty with Swanka and judge Glen Carr.

Left to right: Judge Armando, Betty and Chris. Betty's English Angora white senior doe Swanka took BIS and Chris won RIS with his Mini Lop. The same Mini Lop also won RIS in show A.

It was a fun day at the Nevada State Fair in Reno. The double open rabbit shows were held in the livestock pavilion. There were exhibits of horse, dogs, chickens, ducks, peafowl, geese, ... and the most famous Weenie Dog contest.

Betty won all breed Best In Show with her English Angora white senior doe Chu's Swanka in both show A and B. At 8-1/2 months old, Swanka has won all breed Best In Show five times and specialty Best In Show three times so far. Most of Betty's Best In Show winners start their winning after 9 months old. Swanka's littermate sister Susie also has done some Best In Show winnings.

Chris won Reserve In Show with the same Mini Lop. It's a very nice representation of the breed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wet Dogs At Monterey Fair

Splash Dogs puts on distant jump contest and vertical jump contest in the fair circuit.

Shake and shake, water off me!

I am dripping wet but I like it!

Is it my turn yet?

I love the water!

Let me go back in the water.

I am waiting for the command.

Big splash!

I am back with my toy.

Ahhhhhhh, that feels good.