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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Randy's Family

We all know Randy well; how many of us have met Randy's family in Indiana? ARBA convention in Indianapolis provided the opportunity to meet them. From left to right are Randy's niece Riley, Randy's mom Sharon, Randy's nephew Brock and Randy himself.

When Randy was young, one of the family's major breeds was Holland Lop and they won a lot with their animals; then they were also known having one of the best Satins in the show circuit. Randy was known as Sharon's son; now Sharon is known as Randy's mom.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Friends From Japan

Matsushima and Masako are frequent travelers to rabbit shows in the US, it is no surprise that they are in the ARBA convention in Indianapolis. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Readers can make a judgement.

Betty is in between Masako and Matsushima.

Masako and Sasaki are manning the Nippon Rabbit Club booth.

Maiko has come to the US several times, including a visit to Betty's home. Here she is visiting Betty and Carol at the convention in Indianapolis.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Broken Angora Presentation - Part II

As reported by Betty yesterday, neither English nor Satin Angora passed the presentation. There were upload issues initially with the computer at the hotel and later the Blogspot website, we are only now able to put in the photos and continue the report.

Lynn is the official presenter, here are her six presentation English Angora rabbits. This is the second try of the second presentation, a buck and a doe on the table are her original presentation rabbits, four are offspring of the any combination of her four original presentation rabbits.

Three of the nine ARBA standard committee members, all judges, are examining the six presentation rabbits. The first on the left is Cheryl who is the chair of the committee.

In this photo, the committee calls in Lynn to discuss her presentation. Lynn was informed that there was an issue with her pedigree concerning a color of dilute producing non-dilute offspring and that the junior buck was pinched and needed more work. The color issue was listed as the major reason for failing the presentation. At the end of the day, the committee reversed the color concern as breeds in the ARBA Standard of Perfection use different names. Specifically the committee was convinced that "Fawn" was a dilute as used in the Netherland Dwarf color guide while Angora and several other clubs including the very old and original Flemish Giant standard consider "Fawn" as a non-dilute color. However, the committee still failed the presentation citing the junior buck being pinched.

This is the end of this round of presentation. If Lynn or another breeder wishes to continue to push through Broken English Angora, the intended presenter will have to apply for a new Certificate of Development (COD) and wait for two years for the first presentation. From beginning to end, it will be a five to seven year project.

These are the four presentation animals for Broken Satin Angora. It was the second try of the first presentation, it requires one senior buck, one senior doe, one junior buck and one junior doe. The junior pair are to be the offspring of the senior pair. The notification of fail came very fast, the issue was with the color identification. One of the rabbits listed as tort by Joan was called a copper by the committee, thus the presentation ended. Since it was the second try, if Joan or another breeder wishes to continue the Broken Satin Angora project, a new COD will have to be applied for and to wait two year before starting out fresh. It will be a five to seven year project.

There will not be any Broken Angora presentation in the next two years. Black Giant Angora presentation will start next year.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Broken Angora Presentation

Due to uploading issues, today's post will not have any photos.

Tuesday is the last full day at the convention. Check out starts on Wednesday morning. The major event today is the presentation of new breeds and new varieties. Photos of these presentation will be gradually posted starting tomorrow.

The broken English Angora and broken Satin Angora both failed. There are questions about the rationale for the rejection of the broken English Angora thus things are still developing.

There will be many photos to share with our readers, please check back tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Randy and Allen's Netherland Dwarf Group Winner At Indy Convention

Beautiful head and front end, it's Randy and Allen's Netherland Dwarf junior buck.

The little guy knows how to pose and stay posed.

Two very happy papas, Randy and Allen.

Randy and Allen and their winner plus their prize: $500.

Here is the happy convention Best In Show winner: Bob Crawford from North Carolina won with his New Zealand.

Group 1 winner: New Zealand.

Group 2 winner: Netherland Dwarf.

Group 3winner: Britannia Petite.

Group 4 winner: Mini Lop.

Youth BIS winner: Holland Lop.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Convention Judging Day

Judging starts with French Angora on Sunday morning; Judge Cliff places rabbits while Margaret taking down the comments.

French Angora Best of Breed is the white senior buck and Best Opposite Sex white senior doe. Both rabbits are shown by Charlotte of PA.

English Angora Best of Breed is the colored senior doe and Best Opposite Sex goes to the colored senior buck; both rabbits are shown by Marcus of Michigan.

Marcus holds his BOB winner on the right and the BOS winner on the left.

Giant Angora BOB and BOS go to two young ladies who showed in youth in the past and this is the first year of their showing in open. BOB is the intermediate doe shown by Ashley S. and the BOS is the intermediate buck shown by Alex S. Photo not available.

Satin Angora were judged by did not get the results, will try to get results and/or photos later on.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Show Room Scenes At Convention

Sign for the cooping area of the six wool breeds.

Guest Tim from Malaysia visited Betty the grooming area.

Nancy W. from AR and judge Lance from TN come to visit at the grooming area.

Alicia (L) and Deb from MN busy grooming.

Lynn of WI concentrates in grooming her rabbit. This year the grooming area is also the storage area for all the convention equipment; space is so huge that wool breed exhibitors almost feel being spoiled.

American Fuzzy Lop booth.

National Angora club booth that is more complete in decoration than yesterday.

Judging area.

Cooping for wool breeds.