Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Brandice is All Grown Up

We have not seen Brandice's photos for a while, she is all grown up.

Brandice has won a Reserve In Show and a few BOB; though the recent spot light has been on Annisha, Brandice is holding her own place in the white variety.

At the triple show in Cloverdale, Brandice managed to win a BOB over Annisha in show C after Annisha won Best In Show in show A and B.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Carolyn Likes Triston

Triston, did you know your sister Imari is living with me? 

Triston, you are a good boy, just like your sister Imari.  

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Steel Netherland Dwarf

Jeremy does very well with his Netherland Dwarf.  At Cloverdale, the same rabbit won Reserve In Show in show B and Best In Show in show C.

The first impression of this Netherland Dwarf is that it's a chestnut.  Wrong!

Turn it over, the tummy is not white or light tan, it's almost the same color as the back.   And it dos not show obvious half moon nostril marking or eye circles.   It's a "Steel"!

Chestnut is A-B-C-D-E-
Steel with agouti is A-B-C-D-E(s)-

E(s) is dominant of E.   

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bunny to Scarf Contest in PA, Part 3 Display and Auction

  Madi's Team Little Mermaid display their scarf on their team booth.  They are the winner of this Bunny to Scarf contest.   Their scarf was auctioned off for the high price of $510.  

 The Beauty and Beast team booth displays their completed scarf.

The Peter Pan team decorates their booth green and displays their green scarf.

Team The Thin Gold Line displays their completed scarf and the amount received from auction is donated to the Emergency Service.

The Fibering Five's theme color is blue, their blue scarf is displayed on the table.

 The Peter Pan Team members offer their scarf for auction, proceed goes to their 4 H club.

Team Beauty and Beast is represent by this little beauty modeling their scarf at auction.

Team Fibering Five team members all dressed in blue, in sync with their scarf.   

Team Samatha's Spinners is the an all adult team and they are the winner of the "Spinners Award".

Team Beauty and the Beast Ashley wins the "Weavers Award".   

The scarves were auctioned off between $300 to $510, the proceed either went into the 4H club or donated to worthy causes.   The age range was from 8 years old to adults in their 60's.  Wide range of people, some family, others friends. It was just a great experience for everyone. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bunny to Scarf Contest in PA, Part 2 Weaving and Judging

There are five members to a team, along with two fuzzy companions; one team member that harvests the fiber from the rabbits right there on the floor during the competition, three spinners, and one weaver.   Here is Ashley doing the weaving for her team.

A close up shot of fine weaving.

 Another weaver hard at work.

All the teams work together to come up with a theme for their scarf prior to the event and creates a display to go along with that theme. Every aspect of the scarf such as the color, fiber content, weave design, etc. has a purpose that intertwines with the intended theme. This year, the scarves for the teams represented Beauty & the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Under the Stars, Beach, and a dedication to all Emergency Responders.

Once the scarves start coming off of the looms and are run up to the judges table, people cheer in excitement! 

The scarves all undergo evaluations by two qualified judges based on measurements, weaving/spinning quality, how it goes with the overall theme, and more! 

The judges are very precise in evaluating the scarf.

Measurement, quality, workmanship, theme relevance, … all go into consideration.

Who won? What happens to the completed scarves?  Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Bunny To Scarf Contest in PA, Part 1 Angorapalooza Teams

This year, the 2019 PA State Farm Show held the 4th annual Angorapalooza! It is starting to grow as a popular event where fair goers enjoy an up close experience with these fluffy bunnies, but also a fun way for creative fiber artists to promote their craft by going from barnyard to runway ready in 2.5 hours! Competitors work together as a team to go from bunny to a finished scarf, all of which are auctioned off at the end of the competition to anyone wishing to go home with one of these luxurious handmade scarves!

  One of the teams in costumes.  Matt and Ashley are very active in promoting fiber activities. 

 Maddie and her youth troop, there are 6 teams competing and 4 teams are mostly youth.

The Rabbit Department at the Farm Show has been growing over the years, working hard to showcase all of the different purposes and opportunities that rabbits have to offer. A few years ago, the rabbit committee wanted to do more to bring to light the “fiber” aspect of the rabbit industry in a positive way. That is how the Angorapalooza came to fruition! Angie and Madi Shaw worked together to put on the event and it has been gaining popularity ever since then!

  A youth and his fluffy Giant Angora that is waiting for the wool harvest.

Bunnies that are donating their wool for the competition.

The crowd sits on the edge of their seats and are actually invited into the ring to get a close look as the teams work. They are encouraged to ask questions and to see that the fiber is being harvested in a humane manner. 

There are five members to a team, along with two fuzzy companions; Two bunnies that are graciously donating their fiber for the team’s scarf, one team member that harvests the fiber from the rabbits right there on the floor during the competition, three spinners, and one weaver.  Each team has 2-1/2 hours to harvest the wool, spin into the yarn and weave into a scarf.

 One of the youth spinners. 

   Spinner and bunny.

  More spinner.

  Close up of fine spinning.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Best In Show Judging at Cloverdale

Show A Best In Show judged by Kate Smith.

Kate examines the English Angora.

Show B Best In Show judge is Cathy Szychulda.

Cathy is checking the English Angora.

Manuel Hidalgo is the show C Best In Show judge.

Manuel checking on the French Angora.