Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 24, 2017

ARBA District Director Candidates

It's the election time at the ARBA time, our district is very lucky to have two very able candidates: Melissa Magee and Ray Stacy. 

Melissa Magee started her rabbit habit as a youth exhibitor/breeder.   Her major breeds at the current time is Satin and Mini Satin but she had raised English Angora when she was a youth.   She attended the color genetics workshop sponsored by NCAG in 1987 when she was a teenager; the workshop was taught by Candy Haenszel, it had made a strong impression on Melissa that prompted her to dive more into the subject and put on classes for her fellow 4Hers.   She is currently a mother of two teenagers who are very active in 4H activities.  

Ray Stacy is no stranger to Angora, he judged Angora in the 2009 ARBA convention at Del Mar.   He has judged Angora regularly locally and we all had a great time together.   Ray is also very active in youth activities and put on two major shows a year.  The Big Valley RA shows are some of the best shows in the area.  Ray's major breeds are Satin, Mini Satin, Silver Marten and Californian.

We are very fortunate to have two volunteers who are willing to serve as the district director.  Either one will be a wonderful director representing our district.     It's important that we vote, the ballot will be mailed to us by the ARBA office in mid July.


Friday, June 23, 2017

French Angora Bunnies Grow Fast

Fanta's babies are just itty bitty little ones not too long ago.

At 3 months and 1 week old, Fanta babies are making their show debut.    Chocolate agouti girl wins a BOSV out 5 colored junior does and 5 colored senior does!   She weighs 6 pounds 8 ounces at such a young age, a chubby kid for sure.

Sister is a bit smaller than the chocolate agouti, she takes 2nd in the class.


Brother is a good size bunny as well but cousin big boy Austin is just too hard to beat.


Shambala is the sister who will have a wonderful pet life, she now resides with Laurie.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Making a Scarf with Stripe Pattern


We have seen this neon multi color yarn in the past.

A close up of the multi color yarn seems to be random...

... when the scarf is done, the stripes are neatly shown.    

Normally when making a stripe pattern scarf, the knitter has to change yarn every so often, there would be ends left to be tugged in.   Tugging in ends is something most knitters would like to avoid as it's additional work plus that sometimes the area would be a little thicker than normal.    By putting in different color wool during spinning, the multi color yarn will automatically make stripes in the scarf without having to change yarn during knitting thus no need to tug in the ends.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Betty Grooming Jada and Fawnalisa

Jada is due on the Best In Show table in show A and show B, Betty works on her wool.


Is Jada ready to go?

Almost ready!  Out of the two shows, Jada wins the Reserve In Show in show A.

Fawnalisa wins over Jada in show C, Betty gets Fawnalisa on the table to prepare for Best In Show judging.

Fawnalisa is younger than Jada but she's still competitive.


And she is ready for the Best In Show table.
She snaps the Reserve In Show title at the end of the competition.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lavender Inspired Angora Yarn

Beautiful Lavender.

Lavender Angora yarn.


Two beautiful items complementing each other.



Monday, June 19, 2017

Austin Getting Groomed

Betty is grooming French Angora chestnut buck Austin.

Austin is giving Betty the disapproval look.

Who are you?  You are not my mama!

That's more like it, Austin loves his mama Carol.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Scarf Crazy


Carolyn knitted this very long very warm feathered patterned scarf.  The yarn is one ply of white English Angora and one ply of chocolate agouti French Angora.  

This white scarf is also knitted by Carolyn.  The yarn is from white English Angora.


Betty has just competed this multiple natural colored scarf.   The yarn is spun from a mix of English Angora and French Angora, white, fawn, tort, chestnut, chocolate agouti, ...

Betty is in the process of knitting this plum colored scarf.   The yarn is from white English Angora, spun first then dyed with a mix of purple and red food dyes.