Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, August 20, 2011

White Rabbit Takes Challenge

Rabbits like to reach their goals, rabbits like to take challenges.

(Image from Wells Fargo Year of the Rabbit calendar).

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chocolate Kiss In Shows

In March, Chocolate Kiss is still a bunny, a very well behaved baby bunny. She is here sitting on a chair waiting for her term to go onto the show table. This picture was taken in Myrtle Point, Oregon.

At the CRCS show in Monterey, Chocolate Kiss is still very well behaved; she is sitting on the grooming table waiting to go on the show table. She received her senior leg in show B and now eligible for the Grand Champion status. This is Betty's first chocolate doe, she has kept a chocolate buck in the late 80s. During the first 10 years, Betty had a rainbow of colors but for 20 years, her main colors have been REW and torts.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi Grandma Look At The English Angora

Annabella and mom are at the CRCS shows in Monterey. Her eyes lit up when she sees the Angora yarns, she wants some for her grandma to knit into scarves. She picks out two skeins of tort yarns that are enough for three medium size scarves.

"Hi, Grandma, see what I got here! A tort English Angora. The Angora yarns are from the English Angora rabbits that are the same color as this one."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Give Me That Granola Bar!

Chase in his show coat a year ago, great density and very handsome too. All good show coats have to come to an end, ....

Chase now mostly stays home relaxing and being the daddy to a daughter and three sons. Last weekend Chase went along for the ride to the show in Monterey. Instead of competing on the show table, he gets a hair cut in the show room. He says to mama Betty, "You got my wool, I want your granola bar; give me that granola bar!"

Those who had never seen a naked English Angora are all amazed how small Chase is; Betty often gets the question of "How big is an English Angora?" Her standard answer is "About the same size as a Chihuahua."

After seeing naked Chase, people are very convinced that an English Angora is no bigger than a Chihuahua!

Youth Top Winners At CRCS Shows In Monterey

In show A, judge Carol picks a Dutch as the youth Best In Show. The owner Eleanor is not present in the show room. Pictures above are Hannah with her Reserve In Show winner Mini Lop and judge Carol holding on to the Best In Show Dutch.

In show B, the youth Best In Show winner is Taylor's Dutch and the Reserve In Show is the same Mini Lop owned by Hannah.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Liliana Wins All Breed Best In Show

Lilianna wins all breed Best In Show in the CRCS Monterey show B.

Judge Carol picks the top winners, Betty's English Angora white senior doe Lilianna wins Best In Show and Reserve In Show goes to Scott's black Dutch.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

CRCS Monterey Show A Winners

Judge Randy picks the winners in show A: Best In Show goes to Holland Lop by Chris Z and Reserve In Show goes to Ashley's Florida White. Holding the Holland Lop is guest Sally from Malaysia.

Chris Z with her guest from Malaysia: Sally. Sally has gotten Holland Lop from Chris in the past and her rabbit Monster won double Best In Show in the first and second shows ever held in Malaysia. Allen reported about this show in Domestic Rabbits, page 18-19 July/August 2011.

Ashley's Florida White takes Reserve In Show.

Earlier in the day, Randy has a reunion with Sally; Randy and Allen judged the first and second ever ARBA sanction shows in Malaysia.