Northern California Angora Guild

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Use of Different Kinds of Yarn

Depending on the grade and condition of the raw wool, yarn made from Angora wool could look very different.

If the wool is free of any tangling and if the spinner is careful in spinning fine and even, the yarn could be very "perfect". Such yarn will be suitable for making baby items, scarves and elegant sweaters. The baby booties is a case in point.

With some tangling in the wool, the yarn could be uneven but still quite fine. In the second photo, such yarn dyed with Easter egg dye is made into a Chihuahua sweater. This kind of yarn is also very suitable for making scarves and sweaters.

With some webbed and lumpy wool, it is made into very lumpy very thick and thin yarn. A stuffed cat is wearing a sweater made from such wool and dyed with Kool-Aid. Such yarn is wonderful in making hats, doggie sweaters and sporty looking sweaters.

Though different kinds of yarn have different uses, it is quite interesting to find out that the lumpy yarn have better market appeal than the fine spun. The reaction from buyers is that if they like even yarn, they could go commercial. When they are buying handspun yarn, they want some special characteristics that the commercial yarn do not have.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Charlie and Maya

Maya has been admiring English Angora for a while. She looked at some before going to the convention and then in the convention she talked more about it with Charlie. Finally in the Stockton show, Maya bought the white English Angora senior doe from Charlie. In this photo, Charlie is teaching Maya how to groom.

Charlie is a good teacher and Maya is a good student. On the following Saturday, she won the Best In Show in the youth all breed show B with this white senior doe in Anderson.

Maya is a happy young lady and Charlie is a very proud papa.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Casey and Charlie

When there is a break between shows, Charlie relaxes at his comfortable chair. Casey is going through Betty's bags of products. She is especially interested in the Betty's hat that Betty wears regularly.

Casey is wearing a scarf that she made from a fawn rabbit. It's well made and gorgeous.

It's fun to share information about rabbits as well as ideas about spinning and knitting.