Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Brian and His "Girl Friend"

Brian from OH usually has a "girl friend" with him when he travels to shows. Sherry is very pretty, very friendly and nice to talk to.

Most people ended up with a big surprise as Sherry is Brian's mother!

Betty asked Sherry in one of the ARBA conventions about her "beauty secret" to stay so young and pretty. Sherry said, "I don't worry about things, I try to be happy, one beer a day and Oil of Olay!" Betty also learned that Sherry got married in her teens and has two children, Brian is the baby of the family. Sherry and Brian's dad have been married for over 30 years and have several grand children. Sherry certainly does not fit the image of a grandma!

At the top, Brian and Sherry are discussing the French Angora that Brian is judging. In the second picture, Brian is commenting that English Angora tort senior buck Joey's coat flows like a Jellyfish in the ocean. We caught Sherry by herself in the third photo.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A Great Day for English Angora in Canada

Holly has another great day! She attended triple all breed shows in Chestermere Alberta. Her three rabbits received Best In Show, Reserve In Show and Reserve In Show.

Judge Sheri gave Avalanche her 5th BIS in show A; Avalanche's picture is shown at the left.

In show B under judge Susanne Holly's tort junior doe HHR's Porscha won Reserve in Show.

On Judge Jan's table, Holly's white junior buck HHR's Nanuk won Reserve In Show.

In the top photo from left to right are Judge Sheri holding show A Best In Show HHR's Avalanche, in the middle is Judge Susanne holding show B Reserve In Show 5 1/2 month old HHR's Porscha and on the right is Judge Jan holding show C Reserve In Show 5 1/2 month old HHR's Nanuk.

This is indeed a great day for Holly and for English Angora.
For more information about Holly and her English Angora, visit

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Satin Angora Winners on Sunday

In the CRCS open show A in Monterey on Sunday, Ann's Satin Angora colored senior buck took Best of Breed and Tracy's white doe took Best Opposite Sex under judge Scott from OR. Ann is shown here with her winner rabbit.

In show B, Tracy's white junior doe Kalana (L) and white junior buck Blizzard (R) took Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex respectively, shown in the second photo. The third photo shows judge Brian from OH examining the white Satin Angora. He is very impressed by the quality of these rabbits.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

French Angora Best Of Breed Winner

In the CRCS shows on Sunday, Carol W. won the Best of Breed French Angora with her colored senior doe Lincoln in both show A and show B.

At the top, Carol is seem with judge Brian from OH and the pretty Lincoln on the table. Tracy is Lincoln’s breeder; she named all the bunnies from that litter after the past presidents. Lincoln has been doing very well in shows. Brian was the judge for show B.

Scott from OR was the judge for show B. In the second photo, Scott is examining the French Angora with Lindsay doing the writing duty.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Winners of the American Fuzzy Lop National

American Fuzzy Lop National Show was held on Saturday in Monterey.

Brian of Ohio won the open Best of Breed with his solid junior doe and Best Opposite Sex with his solid senior buck. The top photo shows the two judges who jointly picked the winners. From left to right are Scott, Brian with his BOB junior doe and Randy. Brian is also a judge but in this picture he is an exhibitor.

Youth Best of Breed winner is McKenna from Oregon. In the second photo, McKenna is seen with her winner rabbit.

In the third photo, the two winners in youth and open are pictured together. These are two very happy faces for sure.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Joey Wins All Breed Best In Show

In the CRCS all breed show on Sunday, English Angora colored senior buck Chu's Joey won the all breed Best In Show. It has been a good weekend for Joey; he won a specialty Best In Show on Saturday and then on Sunday, he caught the big one in show A.

Reserve In Show went to John's beautiful Satin.

In the top photo, from left to right are judge Tom, Betty and John. The third photo shows judge Tom examining the contenders during the Best In Show competition. The fourth photo shows Joey squished in the small judging coop.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

NCAG Specialty Best In Show Winners

NCAG held double specialty shows in Monterey on Saturday.

Best In Show in both shows went to the English Angora.
In show A, Betty's colored senior buck Joey won specialty Best In Show under judge Randy.

In show B, Betty's white senior doe Melea won specialty Best In Show under judge Tom.

French Angora Winners at NCAG Shows

In the double NCAG specialty shows, in show A, Carol won the Best of Breed with her colored senior doe; shown in the top photo.
- - - -
In show B, Lindsay won the Best of Breed with her white senior doe.
- - - -
The Best Opposite Sex was the same white senior buck shown by Lindsay.

Satin Angora Winners at the NCAG Shows

In show A, Tracy's Satin Angora white senior doe took the Best of Breed and Ann's colored senior buck won Best Opposite Sex. The top picture from left to right be Tracy, judge Randy and Ann.
- - - - -
In the NCAG show B, Tracy once again took Best of Breed, but with her white junior doe. Ann took Best Opposite Sex with her colored junior buck.
- - - - -
Same winners but with different rabbits.