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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eric Stewart For Vice President

Eric came all the way from PA to judge in the show at Watsonville last Saturday. Angora breeds were very fortunate to have him as our judge.

Top photo shows Eric talking with Gabrielle and the girls; the second photo shows Eric with the French Angora Best of Breed winner Carol W.; and the third photo shows Eric with John who won the colored junior buck and doe class in French Angora. The colored junior doe also won over the colored senior doe.

Eric is a candidate for the office of ARBA Vice President. He is currently district 9 director and is serving his 3rd term. He has commitment, excellence and motivation. He puts on the Judges Conference in the ARBA convention, works at Judges Academic in the ARBA office, writes great articles, and does excellent judging. He was voted in twice as the Open Best In Show judge in the 2004 and 2007 ARBA conventions.

The ballot has just arrived; it is hoped that our readers will take the responsibility of voting seriously and cast the vote for Eric as the Vice President of ARBA.

Friday, July 18, 2008

How Long Is Emmy's Coat?

The Angora exhibitors lucked out; at the CRCS shows in Watsonville, we got two of the very top judges in the country for our breeds.

During the judging of English Angora, Eric blew into Emmy's coat, the wool was clear all the way to the skin; he took out his camera and tape measure to record the length of Emmy's coat; Randy joined in. After measuring at several different areas on Emmy's body, it was determined that the length of the coat is between 11 and 11-1/2 inches.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Elvis Still In The Building?

Dust Bunny strikes again! Jayne Castle's new book "Dark Light" is about to be published and there is a new Dust Bunny in the book: Elvis. Elvis has a human, Sierra, who is a reporter and she is in danger. Needless to say, Elvis comes to rescue.

Who plays Elvis? Who else, one of Betty's black English Angora bucks. Chu's Donovan stars in this promotional video that has become a hit on Youtube since it was posted a few days ago.

The same video in high resolution could be viewed at:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Panic Attack Attacks Best In Show Record

In show B at Watsonville on Sunday, Best In Show went to Randy and Allen's Mini Rex and Reserve In Show was won by Cathy S.'s Rex. From left to right are Cathy S., Allen and the Best In Show judge Eric from PA.

Just in case our readers are puzzled by the subject line, please rest assured that this blog is not being attacked by panic; don't be panicky!

Panic Attack is the name of this awesome Mini Rex that has just received all breed Best In Show #14, breaking the known record of 13.

In 2004, Cathy S.'s broken Rex doe Rhonda won all breed Best In Show 13 times.

In 2005/2006, Betty's English Angora chocolate tort doe Emilia won 13 all breed Best In Show and 5 Reserve In Show; see

Now Panic Attack broke the record of 13 held by Rhonda and Emilia. The way she made #14 is even more amazing than a fantasy; here is what his papa Randy described:

"She has won 14 all breed Best in Shows in 3 different states. She was second place to the BOB doe at the national mini rex show. She won BIS at the Alameda County Fair last month out of 571 rabbits and was 27 days pregnant. She kindled a litter of 5 healthy babies- I left them with her for 3 days and then fostered them to another doe and they are all still alive and doing well. We have always had your record of 13 BISs in mind- (I believe that is a record for any rabbit in the country). I had no idea she would come back after having a litter- so we were satisfied with tying your record. When she looked as good as she did last week we brought her out again. She won 3 BOBs- 2 on sat and one on Sunday, and then BIS."

Imagine, winning an all breed Best In Show two weeks after delivering 5 bunnies!!! Panic Attack really deserves to be considered Awesome with a capital A. The three photos of Randy and Panic Attack were taken last November and January when she won 3 of the 14 Best In Show.

Congratulations to Randy and Allen, it's a great accomplishment.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Show A Top Winners at Watsonville

Keelyn won open Best In Show with her Florida White in show A. Keelyn is no stranger to winning Best In Show, especially in youth shows. Though she had won open Best In Show when she still was a youth, this is the first Best In Show after she became a member of the "open" shows after her 19th birthday less than a month ago.

Chris Z. had a wonderful weekend. Her Holland Lop won the triple crown in three specialty shows on Saturday; then on Sunday her Holland Lop won open Reserve In Show in show A. This picture shows Chris judging Mini Lop at Watsonville. Her winner rabbit Armani is not in the picture.

Monday, July 14, 2008

UK Angora National

Don from UK sends in the following:

"Greetings from a very wet England! and this is Summer :)

I have been following the NCAG blog, love that site, I was interested to read Candy's comments on the Angoras she saw here, so wondered if your readers might appreciate seeing the attached photos.

I took these photos at the recent National Angora Club stock show held in June 2008, this is the Angora specialty club in the UK. Best in show was a lovely chocolate doe bred and owned by Sally May. I think you can see the type of coat this rabbit has from the photos. It is a very long, ultra silky, a coat that falls and drapes on the rabbit, This is the type of coat that is winning here in the UK. Furnishings are more sparse than the American Angoras although there are lines here in the UK carrying much more furnishings. It is obvoius though that our Angoras have evolved differently to the American English Angoras.

Best wishes"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Thousand Posts

In summer of 2005, Carol G. invited Northern California Angora Guild to host specialty shows at her summer backyard party. We all had a great time; to show off the photos of our good time this blog was born. Originally the posts were all about NCAG members and activities. Over time, many others contributed and made this blog a meeting place in the wonderful world of rabbits.

It is hard to believe that this is our 1000th post. Thanks to everyone who helped to make daily posting possible. We appreciate it. Please continue to support our blog and make it even more informative and interesting.