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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Green With Envy of Randy and Allen

Randy and Allen are very proud of their Netherland Dwarf doe "Green with Envy". She has accumulated 10 all breed Best In Show as of the end of April.

Here are two photos of them with this beautiful doe taken at the BVRA shows in early May.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dumb Rooster? Dumb Squirrel?

Betty's trap has had a lot of visitors: 12 raccoons, 9 possums, 3 skunks, and 2 dumb cats, ...

One morning, there were loud noises from the direction of the trap. Guess what? Neighbor's banty rooster was in the trap screaming bloody murder!

A few mornings later, a squirrel was in the trap doing the Spider Man trick, hanging upside down and going sideways, ...

What a productive trap.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More English Angora Winners at the Ohio State Convention

On May 11, we reported that Maureen's English Angora white senior doe won the Best of Breed at the Ohio State Convention. We just learned about the Best Opposite Sex and the Best Colored winners.

At the top, Caley and Jessica from Ontario, Canada won Best Opposite Sex with fawn buck Chu's Above and Beyond. We have seen Above and Beyond's brother and sisters, Chu's Fawntana and Chu's Fawntasia, on our blog many times. Now we got the chance to see Above and Beyond shine.

The second photo shows a beautiful tort junior doe Bbeary's Fantasia that Caley and Jessica bred. She won the Best of Variety colored at the Ohio State Convention. This little doe's mom is Chu's Cupid Took Aim. At a very young age, Fantasia has already won four legs including Best of Breed wins.

Congratulations to Caley and Jessica for a job well done.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scenes From The Show

The fun thing in rabbit shows is to chat with those who have a like mind. The top photo was taken at the BVRA show in Stockton. From left to right are judge Melissa,  judge Cathy and Jennie. It was toward the end of the day, most of the breeds were done judging and they were having a relaxed moment.

Three little girls were playing with their Holland Lop in the toy shopping cart. A cute moment was recorded in picture number 2.

It is hard to keep the diehard rabbit lovers from rabbit shows. In the third photo, young mother Lisa took her 6-week-old baby to the show. She said this was not even the first show for the infant; the baby was in show within three weeks of birth. Lisa is a Jersey Wooly breeder.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baby Photos From Japan

After Yumiko won all breed Best In Show three times out of three shows with her English Angora doe Chu's Carera last winter in Japan, she put Carera on a date with Chu's Bambino.

First time there was no bunny; second time was a charm and Carera became a mother of seven.

Now these seven bunnies are weaned and live apart from their mother. There are four girls and three boys. here are their most recent pictures and the two photos at the top are Yumiko and her favorite doe.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Holly's English Angora Won Double Best In Show

Holly from Canada is having a wonderful show season. Every show that she went in the spring resulted in Best In Show wins.

It's no exception last Saturday, out of two all breed shows, her English Angora won two Best In Show.

Holly reports, "I'm so happy, yesterday at our Saskatoon Saskatchewan show I won both the Best In Shows with Chu's Eqadora & Chu's Vance's handsome son ... HHR's Nanuk. Nanuk is only 6 months & 6 days old. He is already Granded with a Reserve In Show at 5 months. Judge Ruby Rezac picked Nanuk in the Open all breed show." Photo shown at the top.

For the second photo, Holly says, "On the other table under Judge Gregory West Chu's Terena & HHR's Rue daughter won her 6th Best In Show! "

The third photo, Holly says, "Nanuk & pretty sister Porscha ...Porscha won the Best Colored and the Variety"

Congratulations, Holly, you are doing an excellent job!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Joey Holding Joey

Judge Joey from So. CA is a very popular judge, and he is running for the district 2 director unopposed.
- - - -
English Angora Joey has been doing well in shows; he won an all breed Best In Show at the CRCS show in Monterey on April 29.
- - - -
At the BVRA show, Judge Joey met Rabbit Joey. Joey is holding Joey and both enjoy the moment as shown in the picture.