Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Seeing Red In English Angora

A few years ago when Thrianta was accepted, Betty said to Casey, "If you put together English Angora and Thrianta, you will eventually have beautiful red English Angora". Casey took the challenge, bought a pair of Thrianta and started showing them and breeding them to her English Angora. She won quite a few Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex with her Thrianta, but most importantly she was able to put the red into the English Angora.

This is a litter of three red English Angora bunnies and a choc tort with reddish wool. Red color in Angora requires it to be wild band agouti pattern, thus the choc tort cannot be considered as a red.

A close-up shot of a junior red English Angora.

Just like any color in Angora, when the wool grows the color becomes less intense but the face is still very evident of being a red rabbit.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Rain Or Shine, Josephine Still Wins Best In Show

Josephine wins another Best In Show for Deb in the Minnesota State Convention; Jakob's broken Satin is the youth Best In Show winner.

Josephine wins two more Best In Show the following week; those are her 16th and 17th all breed Best In Show wins. It is very possibly a record for the number of Best In Show won by one rabbit.

A day before the show, pouring rain made the road a river but diehard rabbit exhibitors still made it to the Minnesota state convention.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Scenes Of A Llama Show

Across from the rabbit barn with the Sonoma-Marin Rabbit Association shows, there was a Llama show going on. The Llamas are big an pretty, almost majestic.

Rabbit people went over to visit the Llamas, the Llama people came over to visit the rabbits.

A good time for all.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Old Time New Zealan Breeder Don Connell

Left to right is Don who was a New Zealand breeder forever, next to Don is judge Manuel who is one of the very top New Zealand breeder in the country.

Don is now living in a condo not too far from his daughter; the condo does not allow him to have a lot of rabbits but he still keeps one rabbit as a pet.

Betty remembers the first show that she showed English Angora, it was in September 1982 in Cow Palace. The show was dedicated to Don Connell, a long time New Zealand breeder. He moved away from the Bay Area to Occidental, CA, leaving the local club thus a dedication. From then, Betty would see Don in shows and run into Don at the airport taking the same flight to ARBA conventions numerous times. Don eventually retired from showing due to health issues. It was very nice to see him again in Santa Rosa.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

English Angora BOB And BOS Winners

Betty and her English Angora Best of Breed winner Chu's Fawnnella who received honorable mention during the Best In Show judging in both show A and show B.

Judge Carol G. picks Fawnella as the Best of Breed, so does show B judge Keelyn.

Judge Keelyn picks Jamey as the Best Opposite Sex of the breed, so does show A judge Carol G.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Youth Top Winners At Santa Rosa

In youth show A at the Harvest Festival, Judge Carol picks Justin's Mini Satin as the Best In Show.

In show A, Taylor's Dutch is the youth Reserve In Show.

If this looks familiar, that's because in youth show B, Justin's Mini Satin wins Best In Show under judge Brooke again. The show A and show B winners are two different rabbits.

It's a double take, the same Dutch shown by Taylor wins youth Reserve In Show under judge Brooke.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Open Show Top Winners At Santa Rosa

In Show A, Judge Manuel selected Linda's Holland Lop as Reserve In Show and Karen's Californian as Best In Show.

In Show B, Randy picked the Mini Lop as the Best In Show. From left to right are Brooke with baby Benjamin, Dave and judge Randy. Brooke used to win top honors frequently with her French Lop; this probably is her first Best In Show win since she switched to Mini Lop and shown as a family.

In Show B, judge Randy picked Ann's Havana as the Reserve In Show. This is Ann's first big win; her eyes are full of tears of joy.