Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Birthday, Judge Judy

Our favorite judge from WA, Judy, is having her big birthday today. Happy Birthday!!!

Judy has been busy judging rabbits and showing her nationally known Pomeranian. Her dog Alvin is the Number 1 Pomeranian in the nation. Judy and Alvin are getting ready for big Westminster show in February. Alvin is the dad of Annie whose photo was on our blog a few days ago.

Pictured here is Judy with NCAG president Charlie in a rabbit show in September.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Cathy, A Wonderful Judge and Great Friend

On the days when Cathy judges rabbits, she is usually wearing her judge's show coat. On Saturday, when she came into the show room, she looked different! She was wearing her pretty sweater and blue jeans. We were surprised at first, then found out that she's not judging that day. Instead, she came into the show room to extend invitation for us to visit her new barn. We happily accepted her invitation.

What a treat, her barn is absolutely wonderful, a dream for any rabbit breeders. All cages are one level with wastes drop to ground. The ground is cement floor on different levels. The part where people walk is on a higher level. The part where the cages are, the floor is lower. A metal trench is installed at the middle of the barn and lower than the lower level of the floor. With a hose, all the wastes could be sent to the trench and flow outside the barn. The barn is spotless, requires low maintenance to be kept clean. On one end of the wall, there is a huge swamp cooler looks like a water fall. On the opposite end, there is an industrial strength exhaust fan to keep the air fresh. The temperature inside the barn is kept cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

We are very impressed and all wish that we had a barn like that! Thanks, Cathy, for letting us see such a great design.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tracy's BOB French Angora

In Red Bluff shows on Saturday, English Angora was the only breed of Angora shown. On Sunday, French and Satin Angora were shown. Tracy won Best of Breed in both breeds. The photo is made available recently.

In the first photo, Monica won BOB French.

Tracy and the "gang" want to wish our reader a very happy holiday season. Two of the bunnies are dressed for the occasion.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Doug's Expaning Family

Mystery solved: Our handsome judge Doug has an expansion of his French Bull Dog family. Ruby in the first photo with Doug is the original, still the queen. Close to be the king is Mick, the goofy boy in the second photo with Doug. Little princess Joanie in the third photo is the new addition to the family, she just arrived from her breeder's home to Doug's home a few days before the photos were taken. These are all high quality show dogs. Doug reported that they are doing very well in dog shows, Ruby is very close to earning enough points to be a champion.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dog Day at Red Bluff

In Red Bluff, NCAG president Charlie and secretary Betty were seen going ga ga for Joanie, a female French Bull dog puppy. Or, should we call it a little bitch? Bitchy she is not, she is a sweetie. She loves to be held and loves to get attention.

Who is the dad or mom of this cutie pup? Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Joey and Doreen

Joey is one of our favorite judges for Angora. Angora is also one of his favorite breeds, so much so that he married an English Angora breeder! Doreen was showing English Angora when she met Joey. They had an earth-shaking romance and have been married for over10 years. They are still like teenage lovers that no one can pull them apart.

Joey was a top breeder of Flemish Giant. In 1987, when Betty went to her first ARBA convention, she recalled that the Best In Show of that convention was "a big man with a big rabbit". That big man was Joey and the big rabbit was one of his top Flemish Giant.

Due to the change of lifestyle and space, Doreen is no longer into English Angora and Joey is not into Flemish Giant any more. They are now the top breeders of Mini Rex. With their knowledge and dedication, they can do well in any breed of their choice.

Pictured here on the top is Joey, the other two photos are Joey and Doreen with their little Pomeranian "Annie" or the official registered name "Heathercreeks Hotdam Here I Am". The breeder of Annie is another favorite judge of ours: Judy from WA.

Joey with Randy are working toward getting another national convention to CA, hopefully in 2008.