Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Scenes in the Showroom at Hollister

The show at Hollister is very well attended.   After several days of rain, the sky is clear and blue, a perfect weather for a rabbit show.  

 The building has hardwood floor, clean and easy to roll the carts around.

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley is one of the oldest rabbit clubs in Northern California.  
At the table, our able secretary Dolores is hard at work while Casey stops by to say Hello.

At the registrar's table, Ben is waiting for rabbits to be registered.   Lauralee is in the process of becoming a registrar.    The nice thing about Northern California/Northern Nevada area is that so many young exhibitors are aspired to becoming judges.   Each year there are many becoming registrars then wait to take the judge's test.      We are looking at two future judges in this area.

Judge Johnny and Betty have a photo op.    Both appeared in the "Rabbit Fever" movie.  Johnny is one of the stars in the movie and Betty has an appearance of a few seconds.

Are there some high level conference going on?   From left to right are Doug, James, Ray, Dolores and Randy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Two Cute French Angora Junior Does

Two 3-month-old French Angora juniors are waiting for their turns to go onto the show table.


The left is black and the right one is chocolate agouti.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Best of the Best In Show at Hollister

At the end of the show, all the Best In Show rabbits are gathered on the judging table for a "Best of the Best" judging.   CO judge Scott R and PA judge Johnny do the picking.   The winner is the Holland Lop bred and shown by Chris Z.   

One of Chris Z's Holland Lops won the Best In Show at the ARBA convention at Fort Worth.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Angora Judging at Hollister

In show A, judge Randy works on the white senior does.

Judge Randy works on the colored English Angora, Casey is waiting for comments.

Judge Randy comments on a chestnut French Angora, Lauralee writes.
In show B, judge Allen is comparing the white senior English Angora.

Judge Allen carefully goes through the wool of the colored English Angora.

Judge Allen is working on the colored English Angora.

In show C, judge Armando examines the white English Angora.

Two big colored English Angora are on judge Armando's table.

Judge Armando has dual license on rabbit and cavy, his fellow cavy judge visits, she is impressed by the English Angora.

For a complete list of Angora show results, go to:

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Judge Scott R. Sings National Anthem

Before the show starts in the morning, judge Scott sings the national anthem.

Judge Scott R. hits a high note.


Mission accomplished.

Judge Scott R. is not only an attorney, he is also a classically trained opera singer.   When he was a youth, he showed English Angora successfully, winning youth BOB in the 1988 ARBA convention.   As an adult, he shows Holland Lop.  The current convention Best In Show winner Ajax is a co-production of his dam and Chris Z's sire.


Monday, December 08, 2014

Youth Top Winners at Hollister

In youth show A, Leanna's Havana wins the Best In Show and Colby's Dutch wins the Reserve In Show.  Linda B.  (not shown) is the judge.

In youth show B, Emma's Holland Lop wins the Best In Show from judge Armando.

Judge Armando awards the Reserve In Show to Arielle's Britannia Petite.  

Leanna's Havana wins Best In Show again in show C, judge Ray does the picking.

Judge Ray also likes the Dutch so much that Colby wins Reserve In Show with his Dutch in youth show C.

Colby has won the youth Best In Show in the ARBA convention at Fort Worth a month ago.

Both of the open any youth Best In Show winners are at the Hollister show.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Open Top Winners at Hollister

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley holds triple open and triple youth shows at Hollister on December 6, 2014.
In show A, judge Johnny from PA selects Chris Z's Holland Lop as the Best In Show and Allen's Netherland Dwarf as the Reserve In Show.

In show B, judge Scott R. from WY awards the Best In Show to Chris Z's Holland Lop and the Reserve In Show to Allen Netherland Dwarf.  These two winners are the same as the winners in show A.

In show C, judge Justin of CA picks Allen's Netherland Dwarf as the Best In Show and Dee's Mini Lop as the Reserve In Show.   The Netherland Dwarf in show C is different from show A and B.