Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Single English Angora Baby Boy Loves Attention

It's good to be the only bun in the litter, baby boy gets all the attention.

You like my right side or my left side?


Or my front?

More pictures? Yikes.

How do you like this pose?

Let me put on more make up, maybe some false eye lashes?


Now, do I look handsome?


Friday, September 16, 2016

Making a Beautiful Grape Basket

Here are some dyed English Angora wool drying on the kitchen counter.  The color is KoolAid grape.

The grape colored Angora wool is now dried and makes a beautiful basket decoration.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival

The exact date of the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival, also called the Autumn Moon Festival, is September 15, 2016 this year.   The celebration has started earlier during the weekend of September 10-11, 2016.

Why are rabbits being used in the poster, see

It's a tradition to have "moon cakes".


Orchids are displayed next to the moon cakes.

Shoppers are examining boxes of the moon cakes.


The red lantern adds to the festive feel.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back To Normal

What a beautiful sight, clean cages drying in the sun.

The clean and dry barn is once again housing the condo units.

The rollups are back in place, the water bottles are hung, the clean feeders are installed, all the English Angora are back to their individual condos.

The next morning, all the carriers are out of our garage waiting to be washed.

The back up stack and the back up carriers are cleaned and stacked next to our house in the backyard.

On our driveway are the regular show carriers, cleaned and dried in the sun.

The Big Valley Rabbit Association double open and NCAG specialty shows are coming up this weekend, the carriers are ready to accept occupants to go to the show.   

Yay,  show weekend!!!

Our cars are also washed and parked in our garage.  

Life is back to normal.

Normal life is good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cleaning, Cleaning and Cleaning

The most important tools for the major barn cleaning are the blow-torch and the power washer.

My beautiful gorgeous rabbits, why do you have to make such a mess in your condo with your pretty wool?

Angora wool, hay and spider web combined can make a big mess on the cages.

Here are the feeders waiting to be washed; how many mouths am I feeding everyday?

The blow-torch is great in flaming off the wool that hangs the poops on the wire floor.

The power washer takes away the pee and poops that are stuck on the cage.
A wet and clean barn.

The power washer also washes away the spider web, wool, and whatever cumulated in a barn over a period of time.

The feeders are cleaned and washed.  The biggest job in cleaning these feeders are the little perforated holes at the bottom.  Each hole has to be cleaned by using a skewer stick.   

The rollups used in the barn are washed and drying in the sun.

The barn is almost dry, some cages are also ready, ... 
Is it close to finishing the job?  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Waiting for A Clean Barn

Betty say,
What day is it?  It's the annual big cleaning day.  It's more accurate to say it's the annual big cleaning 3-day event!

We normally park our cars inside our garage but when the big annual cleaning days come, our cars have to stay on the driveway.

I took out every possible carrier that I own and set them on the cage stands.   This part is done the day prior to the cleaning day.

The next morning, each rabbit is taken out of the regular condo and put into a carrier.   

It sounds simple: Take the rabbit out and put into a carrier.  In reality, all the water bottles have to be hung, the feeders have to be filled and the rabbits are checked.   It's a job that takes 2+ hours.

In addition to those carriers on the cage stands, there are some more overflow carriers on the rollers and even a stack of spare condos.    Since the condos are bigger than the carriers, the girls are sharing spaces on a temporary basis.

 I really have to give credit to the English Angora breed, the girls have no issue in sharing space though they each has an individual condo prior to the cleaning day.   They just chill and share the food, water and space.

Clementina, Cuties and Halos are littermate sisters but they had not shared a condo since their baby days.  They are now reunited for the barn cleaning day.

Angelique has her full coat thus she has an individual quarter.

Angelique's littermate sister Emelina is nearby in a good size carrier as well.

Another littermate sister Eugenia also gets an individual carrier.

They are all waiting, waiting and waiting for a clean barn and clean condos.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jovanna Visits Babies

In October 2015, Jovanna won four all breed Best In Show out of four show during one weekend, she holds the record of the most Best In Show during one show weekend for mama Betty.

She also makes good babies!

Jovanna's babies are out of nestbox and hopping in their indoor nursery.
Jovanna's babies has a bed with a handspun/handknit baby blanket.


Normally the babies go to mom's condo for their daily nursing but Jovanna pays a visit to the nursery today.


Babies are enjoying mom's visit.


Babies thank mom for the delicious milk.