Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, September 16, 2005

Two Winning Boys

In the three shows in Orland, two different English Angora boys won the Best Opposite Sex of Breed. On the right, Chu's G.B. won the BOSB in the two open shows. On the left, Charlie's Enoch won the BOSB in the NCAG specialty show. As I've said a couple of times in the previous posts, the judges had different tastes.

If one wonders what G.B. stands for, it's the "Girlie Buck". G.B. talks and purrs nonstop like a doe or even like a cat. It's almost hilarious to listen to him. Even the long time judges commented that they had never seen a buck talked as much as G.B.

Both boys are very nice, they take terms winning the BOSB when they meet in shows.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Betty, Raykun and Marissa

In Orland, Betty's friend Raykun came to visit. Betty and Raykun went to graduate school together at University of Notre Dame, went back many years. Though Raykun is allergic to rabbits, she drove an hour just came to say hello, it's very kind of her.

Pictured here are Raykun, Betty and the English Angora double Best of Breed winner Chu's Marissa in the open shows.

It's very common for Betty to hear the question, "Where is the head? Where is the face?" In this picture, Betty has to ask the same question, it's hard to tell the head from the tail. On the right, a better picture of Marissa is posted.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cyndie and Amy

Here are two more members at the Orland shows.

Cyndie has not been showing for a while. She would go to shows to visit and spin, but she decided to show in Orland this time. It was a big surprise for her to find out that the mice had taken over her blower and built a nest inside. Needless to say, the blower did not work. She still did really well in the show, broken French doe Pebbles in the picture took first place in her class in all three shows. Her senior buck won the Best Opposite Sex of Variety in the NCAG specialty show. Cyndie, you got to show more often. Chase the mice out of your show equipment!

Here is our pretty Amy again with the rabbits that do not have the correct ear carriage for Angora. We got to do something about those ears! These are her "other" breed, American Fuzzy Lop. Pictured here are the granddad and his granddaughter, the Best of Breed and Best of Sex winners in the all breed shows. The granddad was getting frisky with his granddaughter during our photo shoot, we had a hard time posing them. What a dirty old man!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Betty's Winning Girl

Armando judged our NCAG show in Orland. When his name was revealed, several exhibitors commented, "It's worth the long drive!" We are all very happy to have gotten him to do our show.

In the left photo, Armando is picking the Best In Show in our NCAG show with the owners anxiously watching next to the table. Betty's English Angora chocolate senior doe was picked as the NCAG Best In Show. On the right is a photo of the winning girl Chu's Emma. Betty is thrilled, of course.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Patti and Bruce with their Satin Angora

Patti and Bruce breed and show their Satin Angora along with their other breeds. They do not show as often as we'd like to see. In Orland on Saturday, their Satin Angora won the Best of Breed in all three shows with three different rabbits. The three judges have different tastes! Pictured here is a white Satin Angora doe, winner of show A in the open show.

Lindsay and Her Lover Boy

Lindsay is featured here with her colored senior buck that took the Best of Breed French Angora in the Sierra Foothill RBA show A. Lindsay has been absent from the summer shows, we are glad that she is back showing regularly when the fall show season starts. Her white senior doe won the Best of Breed French Angora in the NCAG specialty show. I have to say that the three judges had rather different tastes.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Lovely Husband and The Lovely Wife

Franco calls Tracy "my lovely wife". Tracy deserves the title, we agree that Franco also deserves the title of "the lovely husband".

Here are the lovely couple getting ready to put the Best of Breed French Angora on the judging table for the Best In Show selection in show B of the Sierra Foothill RBA all breed show. Franco is holding the Best Opposite Sex French Angora buck.