Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, September 30, 2005

Sunflowers Powered by Bunnypower

Look at these beautiful and healthy sunflowers that come from the bunnypower!

Sunflower seeds are a part of rabbits' regular diet, they add on to the shine and life of rabbits' coats.

Rabbits' poops are one of the best fertilizers. They can be used on the plants and in the veggie gardens without compost. They definitely give a lot more power to the plants' growth. They are nicknamed as the "bunnypower".

Each year we plant our veggie garden in the spring with plenty of bunnypower mixed in. Each year, in addition to the veggies we plant, there are always plenty of volunteer sunflower plants among the tomato, basils, lettuce, watermelon, pumpkin, corn, ... These sunflowers are definitely powered by bunnypower from the beginning to the end.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dick and Anita

In Santa Maria, I got to see Dick and Anita. Dick is a judge based in So. CA. We don't see him often in the north, but I know that I got to see him and his lovely wife Anita in Santa Maria every year. Dick judges Angora quite a bit in So. CA. Just wish that he'd come north more often. When Dick judges, Anita takes care of their booth. Their products are very nice and interesting; there are T shirts, sweat shirts, wrist protectors, stick-on, ... with the images or the name of the breeds. The phrases are catching, such as "Got Rex?", "Got Rabbits?" I bought a window stick-on which says what else but: "got english angora?" The background of this photo is their booth and the show room. Dick and Anita are members of the club Keep It Hopping which puts on a June show and a December show each year. They have one of the best shows in So.CA. with a variety of judges from CA and elsewhere in the country.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Billy Without His Ear Tips

This is a topic related neither to our guild nor about Angora. We are all animal lovers; I thought this information might help some who also have cats.

Billy belongs to Vada, a neighbor of mine. He is neutered but behaves like a Tom Cat, roaming the neighborhood as if he were the king. He has two followers, Dandy and Bo, who would follow him like a groupie to a rock star. Dandy and Bo even think that Billy's pee smells good.

On the right, Billy is peeking into the door of our sunroom, picture taken in February 05. He had nice and straight ears. In August, Vada noticed that Billy's ears were full of blisters and scars and took him to the vet. Vada was informed that after testing, Billy had skin cancer on his ears. To save Billy's life, the vet removed the cancerous part of his ears. The picture on the left was taken the first day when he was allowed out of Vada's house. Luckily the loss of his ear tips did not change his self confidence. He still roams the neighborhood as if it were his kingdom, and he still has the two groupie cats following him around.

I used to have white cats and loved them. I recall my vet advising me to put sun block lotion on their ears if I allowed them out. I did that. Since I haven't had any white cat for over 20 years, I did not think to tell Vada about it. Now I am on a mission to spread the message: Put sun block lotion on the tips of the ears of light skin cats or dogs if they are allowed to go out. I suppose it could also apply to rabbits, but rabbits are usually caged and not exposed to the sun.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Doug and His Lover Girl

We are all familiar with the sight of our wonderful judge Doug walking, caring and kissing Ruby around the fairgrounds when he takes a break from judging. Here are two pictures that I took in Santa Maria.

Ruby is a pure breed French Bull Dog, Doug's first love. They have made their debut in the dog show circuit recently, both made big splashes. Ruby earned 6 champion points on her first time out being a show dog. Doug made an even bigger splash when the dog show people discovered that we have such a handsome rabbit judge. They are planning on attending rabbit shows from now on.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Betty's Winning Girl, Again

Chu's Mercedes did it again!

Betty and Mercedes went to double shows in Santa Maria on Saturday. The shows there were good sized though not as big as the ones in Stockton. The competition was sharp, especially with the Holland Lop that won show A in Stockton being there. Mercedes gave a perfect performance and won the all breed Best In Show in both shows. Betty is totally thrilled. Here is our beautiful girl!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Maureen and Her Handsome Boy

Our Ohio member Maureen went to a show on Saturday. Her handsome boy Bruno won the BOSB and received his second leg. Maureen is new in the wonderful world of Angora, she is doing very well in keeping Bruno in good shape and doing well in shows. Maureen and Bruno are going to be in the ARBA convention in Indianapolis. We are looking forward to meeting Maureen and our members in different states.