Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Judges, Judges, Judges

Kevin examines the BOB English Angora during BIS judging.

Justin judges the English Angora colored senior doe class.

Carol G. judges Netherland Dwarf.

Sharon judges French Angora, Gabrielle writes.

Melissa judges English Angora, Casey writes.

Cathy S. examines the BOB American Fuzzy Lop during Best In Show judging.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dominique And Elsa Showing In Red Bluff

The girls entered their rabbits in the youth show. Menn's Daphne won BOB in 3 of the 4 shows. Menn's Azulita won BOB in the other show. BOS in all four was our new little guy "Ayers". Pictured is Ayers (CJB, BOS) and Daphne (WSD, BOB) with Dominique, Judge Ray, and Elsa. Since it was pouring rain on Saturday, the kids felt a little cooped-up. They appreciated the break in the weather on Sunday. They went outside to run off some energy and enjoy the fresh air. Elsa was quite excited with her find: a very happy toad!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Betty's Fiber Work Featured In Newspaper

Betty and Metro reporter Jessica with Susie sleeping on Jessica's lap.

Betty says,

"I went into Sam's Downtown Feed to pick up some rabbit pellets. It's not my regular feed store, it's only the third time that I had been in this store in the recent years.

Owner Sam came out from the back and said, 'Betty, you are famous!'

'Why?' I asked. Sam said, 'You are in the paper.'

Though I knew that I was interviewed for an article to be included in Metro Silicon Valley weekly, I was surprised to hear that the article has already been published in the issue that covers Dec. 9 to Dec. 15, 2009. I was told that it would be published the following week or the week after. I did not even pick up a copy of this issue.

Sam went to the back and brought out the paper and I saw the pictures of me cutting down Aaliyah and the hats that I made. Sam was very kind and let me have his copy.

The article is short but with accurate descriptions and quotes. I give credit to Jessica Fromm who has been on the job for only one year. She is a graduate of San Jose State University where I retired. We had never met, of course, she entered San Jose State long after I had retired.

The key points of the article are about my fiber work rather than showing or breeding. There is no picture of big coated rabbits being blown, no pretty sitting poses,... it describes how I'd harvest the wool and use it to make hats, scarves and offered the wool for sale on my internet shop

I had fun being interviewed and am very pleased to see an article that is very true to the facts."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CRCS Show Winners

In the CRCS open show A on Sunday, Judy's Mini Rex was picked Best In Show and Betty's English Angora Reserve In Show. Judge Kevin made the selection.

In CRCS show B, Judge Justin picked Allen's Mini Rex Best In Show and Michelle's Rex Reserve In Show. Allen's Mini Rex went on to win the Best of the open and youth Best In Shows.

In CRCS youth show A, Justin's Mini Satin took Best In Show and Ashlee's Satin won Reserve In Show. Rita join in the picture because the Satin and Mini Satin have been winning top honors both days.

In CRCS youth show B, Judge Kevin picked Ashlee's Satin Best In Show and Jake's Florida White Reserve In Show.

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows held two open and two youth shows on Sunday, plus a Best of Best judging.

In both days, the "fur" breeds took top honors over and over. On Saturday, the winners of Best In Show and Reserve In Show were Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, English Angora, Satin and Mini Satin. On Sunday, the winners of the same were Mini Rex, English Angora, Rex, Satin and Mini Satin. The only exception was the Florida White.

In case our readers are confused about Justin's judging open Best In Show and also winning youth Best In Show and Reserve In Show, please note that he is a 17-year-old fully licensed ARBA judge. He shows in youth and judges both open and youth. We are also very happy to report that we are all very impressed with Justin's ability to judge and to interact with others.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tehama-Butte RA Show Winners

On Saturday, judges Jeremy and Cathy picked Jersey Wooly as the Best In Show. Angel L. is the happy mama to the Best In Show winner.

Sue M.'s Mini Rex won Reserve In Show in A under judges Jeremy and Cathy.

In show B, Rita's broken Satin won Best In Show under judges Ray and Justin.

Judges Ray and Justin picked Betty's English Angora as the Reserve In Show in B.

In the youth show B, judges Randy S. and Carol G. picked Ashlee's Satin Best In Show and Justin's Mini Satin Reserve In Show. Since Justin was judging the open Best In Show, brother Cody stood in for big brother Justin.

Here are photos of the happy winners on Saturday. Satin club must be very honored to learn that in show B, out of the four winners in open and youth, three are either Satin or Mini Satin.

Show A youth show was judged early, regretfully no photo nor information was obtained in the show.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Susie Wins Two All Breed Reserve In Show In Two Days

Susie wins Reserve In Show under judges Ray and Justin in the TBRA show B on Saturday.

Susie wins Reserve In Show under judge Kevin S. in the CRCS show A on Sunday.

Susie took BOB in all four shows.

Maddex took BOS in all four shows.

Tehama Butte Rabbit Association and California Rabbit and Cavy Shows joined forces to put on four all breed shows and various specialty shows during the weekend. This is the last show weekend in No. CA. in 2009; the shows were very well attended with exhibitors from CA and OR even though the weather condition was not the best. It rained off and on, at times very heavily; the entire weekend remained cold and wet.

Susie, the BOB English Angora in the convention, maintains her winning streak by taking Best of Breed in all four shows; she was on the top contender list in all four shows. She won all breed Reserve In Show in show B on Saturday, then another Reserve In Show in show A on Sunday then in show B she was reserve to Reserve In Show. Maddex, the BOS in the convention, took BOS in all four shows and maintain his record.

In the next few days there will be more photos of winners and scenes in the shows.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can You Resist Me?

In one of the shows, when the Angora exhibitors were busy grooming with wool flying everywhere, there's this yellow lab sitting quietly staring at the strange people and strange fluffy rabbits.

How can anyone resist such a face?