Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fiber Projects

The weather has cooled down, it's time for doing more fiber projects.

Betty is sharing with our readers the two projects that she has recently completed.

At the top, a scarf made from her English Angora wool is in the photo. The original color of the yarn is white, spun moderate thick and thin then plied with thin blue thread as a binder. Then the yarn was soaked, washed and then dyed with Easter egg dye. Betty was shooting for baby blue, she used two different brands of Easter egg dye to achieve the intended color. The stitches for the scarf is regular knit with "seaweed" extension. Fringes are added to both ends. The scarf measures 6" width with 66" length.

Recently Betty was given a pound of American Fuzzy Lop combings. After discarding some mats that were too hard to break, Betty spun the AFL combings into thick and thin novelty yarn. The second photo shows two skeins of yarn made from the AFL combings. Surprisingly, there isn't any difference in the spinning of AFL combings and Angora combings, nor there is much difference in the feel of the yarn. Each skein in the photo is a little shy of 100 yards, weighs about 1/3 of a pound.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Scenes from the Stockton Shows

There were 18 judges at the Stockton shows. Unfortunately we did not get pictures of each. Here are two more pictures taken there. The first photo is Cliff judging and interacting with French Angora breeders. Cliff is a very friendly and animated judge. Every one has a good time watching and talking with him.

The second picture shows Randy and Mike taking a break from judging. The picture was taken right after lunch. Both were waiting for the rabbits to be brought to the table to be judged.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Baby Thunder's First Outing

A few days ago, we had the chance of seeing Baby Thunder, Judge Judy's Pomeranian pup.

Two days ago, Baby Thunder was taken outdoors for the first time. In the first picture, he is looking at his mom saying, "What should I do?"

In the second photo, his little paws are touching the grass for the first time. He is having a ball.

These precious moments are memorized by his loving mom Judy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Half Naked French Angora

In shows, we are used to seeing beautifully full coated Angora.

Once a while, after judging an exhibitor would start taking the coat off if the rabbit's wool is ripe for harvest.

At Stockton, that's exactly what Lindsay was doing when this photo was taken. In the photo, her French Angora is half way plucked. Rabbits like this one are commonly called "Hula Dancers", a half naked top with a full skirt.

Lindsay and Deirdre obviously are enjoying the sight of the sexy Hula Dancer in front of them.