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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Candy H. Goes to A Rabbit Show in UK

Chinchilla Angora

Sable Marten Angora

Meissener Lop



Tri Dutch

As reported yesterday, Candy went to visit Judy L. in UK last month. Among a lot of activities, one of them that Judy took Candy to was a rabbit show. Candy says,

"One day was spent at a rabbit show, which included a Rare Breeds Show. There were only 2 Angoras there - a sable marten, and a chin.

They are, of course "English", since this IS England, and they only recognize one breed of Angora. But you can see from the photos, they are a far cry from our English Angoras. But to be fair, none of the "big-name" breeders were there, and these Angoras were probably not (Judy says definitely not) good examples of their typical show-quality Angora. I'm sending photos of a few other breeds, Meissener Lop, Sallander and Thuringer that we don't have here, and a tri Dutch."

Friday, June 13, 2008

Candy H. Visits Judy L. in UK

Judy's Sussex

Judy's Tri-color Giant Papillon

Judy's Tri-color English Spot

Candy at Stonehenge

Judy with Betty and Candy in the 2007 ARBA Convention at Grand Rapids

Candy H. is one of the two remaining charter members of NCAG when it started in 1982; the other one is Betty. Candy has been breeding English Angora since 1972, way longer than any Angora breeder in the country. She and Judy L. from UK are very good friends. They go to ARBA together almost every year. Recently Candy went visit Judy in UK. She sent us reports about her trip and the rare breeds that she saw in UK.

Candy says,

"Some of you have met Judy, a rabbit judge from England, who comes here quite often for the ARBA Convention. Judy and I have roomed together at four or five Conventions. In May, I visited her, and she showed me a wonderful time in and around London, the Devon County countryside, and even a day in Paris.

Judy L. developed a breed called Sussex, which is a recognized breed in the UK. (see photo 1)

But her main breeds now are Giant Papillon (similar to our Checkered Giant but not so arched and racey), and English Spot. She's working on tri-color in both these breeds. (see photo 2 and 3)

Apart from rabbits, we saw a big (wild) cat sanctuary, Europe's largest craft show (including a spinning guild booth), Stonehenge, The Devon County Show (fair) (with a rabbit show and with another spinning guild booth), two concerts in London, many castles, cathedrals, historic churches, beautiful scenery, many rides on busses, trains, ferries, the Tube (subway in London), and the Metro (subway in Paris). We climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the spire of Salisbury cathedral (the tallest cathedral spire in England) and haytor, the highest point on Dartmoor (but didn't see the Hound of the Baskervilles) - Judy's vertigo and my legs got a full workout! And much, much more.

The only way I can thank Judy for such a wonderful trip, is that I have shown her my attractions here, across several states, and will do so again this year when she comes over for the Convention in Louisville. "

Judy also took Candy to a rabbit show in UK; stay tuned for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Boy Just Wants to Have Fun

Murphy just had his 8-year-old birthday on June 7. He was bred by Carol G. but has been Christina's one and only first bunny love since he was about 8 months old.

Christina is currently visiting her dad; Murphy is lonely without Christina. He plays with his stuff animal and hangs out with kitty Tillie. He cannot wait until Christina comes home on Sunday.

We thank Christina's mom Tausha for sending these cute photos.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tracy's New Yarns

Being a 5th grade teacher, Tracy is usually very busy when the school is in session. This past semester has been an extreme busy one. Finally the summer break has come and Tracy got to work on her beloved fiber activities. She has finished five skeins of yarns recently; she wishes to share the picture with us. Here is her description:

"From left to right.... White english angora 2 ply, Misc angora (from grooming) plyed with multi-colored ribbon yarn, red and chocolate agouti satin angora plyed with a beige and gold yarn, multi colored angora plyed with white german/giant angora, finally all red satin angora 2 ply 71 yards of heaven :)"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Masako is New Mom for White English Angora

Masako from Japan reports that she has become the new mom to BC3CE who went to Japan in 2006 after the Fort Worth convention.

Masako is very happy with BC3CE's quality and personality; she wishes to use him for breeding. Masako has 10 English Angora at this point, she is active in rabbit activities; she is a director of the newly formed Nippon Rabbit Club.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Found On The Net: Real World Dr. Dolittle

In Taiwan, a woman goes by the name of "Teacher Du" can tell what animals think. She claims that around 8 years ago, out of blue she heard her dog telling her that her daughter had stolen some money and gave the exact amount. She questioned her daughter and it turned out to be exactly right.

From then on, she regularly hearing animals telling her what they were going through and how they felt, including cases of dogs being abused by neighborhood kids and being ill. These cases all proved to be true when investigated. She started accepting appointments to help pet owners without charge. The waiting list to see her has now gone all the way to April 2009.

Dr. Dolittle exists in children's books and in the movie; is it possible that there is a Dr. Dolittle in the real world?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Found On The Net: Love of Music

High up in the mountain in Taiwan, there is a beautiful Ming Lake. Musician Lin plays clarinet (shudi in Chinese) at the lakeside regularly. A black swan fell in love with Lin's music. Each time Lin appears, the black swan would come and stay during the entire clarinet session.

Go to and click the video on the upper right, you'll hear the music and see the black swan following Lin. If you are interested in the entire report, put this URL onto the translation site and request "Chinese to English".