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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Betty's English Angora Winnings at the ARBA Convention in Indy

The ARBA national convention was held at Indianapolis, Indiana on October 1 to October 5, 2017. 

I entered 7 English Angora in four colored classes and I'm very fortunate to have received the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed.   I am holding Chu's Fawnalisa who won BOB and judge Stacy Martin is holding Chu's Brighton who won BOSB.   

There are 8 colored senior bucks, Chu's Val took second place and Chu's Nutcracker took 3rd.

There are 23 colored senior does, the largest class in the breed.      I was very lucky to have my two does taking first and second places, Jada took 2nd place to Fawnalisa.    Fawnalisa advanced to Best of Variety then went on to win Best of Breed.

There are 10 colored junior bucks.   Chu's Brighton took first place then advanced to Best Opposite Sex of Variety to Fawnalisa's Best of Variety.    They advanced to BOB and BOSB.

The colored junior doe class has 18 pretty girls in competition.   Chu's Angelyn wins the first place.   Brighton and Angelyn are littermate siblings.   

The quality of the English Angora at Indy was very high, it's hard to make any prediction until the end of the judging.  Judge Stacy Martin did a very thorough and very competent job, she is one of the best judges in the nation.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Home, Sweet Home

Rabbits arrived at the SFO cargo office after 10:30 pm and made it back to their condo units after midnight.

Will share the adventures of the ARBA convention in the many posts to come.


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Wool Skein and Garment Contest at ARBA Convention

Angora booth WSG contest corner.

Colleen in charge of the Angora booth.

Some of the fiber entries.

Best wool, cut Satin Angora.

Best skein.

The Best In Show goes to Carol Green's cowl.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

California Breeders Sweep the BIS at Indy Convention

ARBA convention at Indianapolis had huge number of entries. 

Open rabbit BIS goes to Jeanette Rasmussen's Netherlands Dwarf.   This I'd the same ND that won double BIS at Stockton two weeks ago.  Jeanette lives in Sacramento area.

Youth BIS goes to Lena Magee's American Fuzzy Lop. Lena lives in central valley area.  

Open Cavy BIS goes to Carol Anaya's Purviuan.

Youth Cavy BIS goes to a young lady who also resides in California.  Photo unavailable.

From California to Indiana, by driving its a trip 2300 miles.   By air, it's a five hour flight plus the four hour air cargo office and airport procedures.   Either way it's not easy. It's so wonderful to learn that all four BIS winners went through the same effort to get to the convention and did so well.

Betty's note:  I can only do mini posts using a Kindle in the hotel room.  I will organize the photo and write detailed reports when I get home on a regular computer.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Angora BOB and BOSB Winners at the 2017

ARBA Convention is going on at Indianapolis, Indiana from October 1 to October 5.

Angora judge: Stacy Martin, Ohio.

English Angora BOB and BOS:
Betty Chu's colored senior doe and colored junior buck.

French Angora BOB and BOS: Eric Stewart and Gabe Hernandez's colored senior doe and colored junior buck.

Giant Angora BOB Debbie Roe's junior doe, BOS Ashley Shaw's intermediate buck.

Satin Angora BOB Sandra Wight's colored senior doe.

Satin Angora: Heather Campbell's white junior buck.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Found on the Net: Hello Kitty Gown

There are lots of Hello Kitty fans among the rabbit people.  Maybe this is the perfect gown for a banquet or a wedding.

Betty and others are at the ARBA national convention in Indianapolis.  
New posts are to be added if time permits and wifi is available. 

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Jill and Amanda Working on French Angora

Jill and Amanda are good friends.   Jill is holding her handsome French Angora senior buck.

Jill getting ready to groom her buck while Amanda waiting to groom her chocolate junior doe.

This is Jill's chocolate agouti doe.

Jill loves her chestnut junior doe.

The junior doe's name is Firebolt, another name derived from Harry Potter stories.