Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 25, 2006

No Dogs Allowed?

When Casey and Betty were in the showroom at the ARBA convention in Fort Worth grooming rabbits, two police officers rode in on their bicycles.

They said, "I heard there are dogs here, where are they?"

Dogs in the rabbit show? No, dogs are not allowed.

The police officers said, "These look like dogs!!!"

Casey and Betty could be arrested for having dogs in the rabbit show!

It's all fun and game, of course.

The two nice officers are from the Fort Worth Police Patrol Division.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Chris and Betty

Chris and Betty have been the best of friends for many years. Chris lives in MA and Betty in CA, distance does not affect their friendship. There are daily conversations on the phone and on the net. Once a year, they see each other in conventions for 14 years out of the last 16. How many can claim that they could room together for so many times without a dispute? Chris and Betty can.

Chris shows in the convention when the location is within her driving range. She does not like to fly her rabbits. In 2000, her Giant Angora won the Best of Breed in the Columbus convention. She show English Angora regularly too.

Chris was the long time editor of Angora News in the 90s, though she is no longer involved in any of the club matters now.

In the top photo, from left to right Betty and Chris are holding the two white variety winners: the white senior doe Chu's Alexa and the white senior buck Chu's Ace.

In the second photo, Chris is relaxing and knitting a scarf at the convention.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Northern California Angora Guild and Tracy's lovely Satin Angora.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

King of Rare Breeds

Bob is known for his love for rare breeds. He has imported and perserved many breeds that we have never even heard of.

Bob is also known for his extensive and intensive knowledge of the history of rabbits. His column in Domestic Rabbits is one of the best parts of the magazine.

Bob's book "Domestic Rabbits and Their Histories" is a definitive book for anyone who is interested in rabbits, whether it's rare or not rare. One can find everything and anything about rabbits in this book. If you have not gotten one yet, you are missing something really important. For more information, click

Bob is currently an ARBA district director. The Fort Worth convention is within his district. Before the convention, he was kind enough to negotiate with Kent Group to provide cash awards for Angora wool garment and breed wool for each breed. Such cash award had not happened in the past. We appreciate Bob's kindness to our breeds.

Betty has the honor to have a picture taken with Bob during the convention.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Best In Show in A and B

Judges definitely have different tastes at the Stockton shows on Saturday.

As reported two days ago, Casey's English Angora tort senior doe Molina took Best In Show in show A and Julie's Havana took Reserve In Show. Show A winners were picked by Armando, the very right of the first photo.

In show B, two different winners were selected. John F. won the Best In Show with his Satin and Melissa M. took Reserve In Show with her Himalayan. Show B winners were picked by Ray S. on the right.

Melissa M. and Ray S. were also the breed judges for the three breeds of Angora.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Getting Ready for the Best In Show Judging

As soon as the the loud speaker calls for the Best In Show judging, the moms of the Best of Breed winners are busy getting ready for the BIS table.

In the first photo, Casey is fluffing up Molina. In the second photo, Lindsay takes a short break to show off her white French Angora. In the third photo, Tracy is getting the Satin Angora colored senior doe ready.

The fourth photo shows the Satin Angora the colored senior doe that is the Best of Breed in show A and the colored junior doe that is the Best of Breed in show B. Judges sometimes have very different tastes from show to show.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Casey's Molina Wins Best In Show Again

Casey's Molina probably is the best rabbit that Casey has ever bred in 15 years of her breeding and showing. Molina won the fourth all breed Best In Show at The Rabbit Club show A in Stockton yesterday.

At the top, photo shows very happy winners of the Best In Show and Reserve In Show with judge Armando. The middle is the RIS winner Julie with her Havana.

In the second photo, Molina is seen being squished in the small judging coop during the Best In Show judging. The black rabbit to the right of Molina is the Havana. Julie happened to be standing next to the Angora people during the judging as well. All the "good thing" happened in the same area. Armando is examining the Best of Breed French Angora in this picture.

In the third photo, Casey is getting ready for Molina to go on the Best In Show table.

A very fun day for all. More pictures of the winners to come.