Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Judging English Angora at the ARBA Convention

White English Angora in waiting on the judging table.

View from the back side of the judging table.  The anxious exhibitors are at least 5 feet away from the table per the NARBC rule, only those who are carrying the rabbits to and from the judging table are allowed to be near the table.   No other club has a rule similar to this one.

Judge Carol G. is getting to the end of the white classes, those left on the judging table are potential class winners.

The colored English Angora are on the table to be judged.

Judge Carol is feeling the density of the colored English Angora on the table.

Is there a colored English Angora hiding from being judged?


Friday, October 25, 2013

Grooming McKenzie

Betty and Chris are busy grooming, McKenzie is sitting on the kennel that doubles as a grooming table.   Candy comes into the grooming area and says, "How about a picture?"

Candy, Betty and Chris are old old friends, they have been seeing each other in the conventions for more than 20 years.

Candy takes a close up shot of McKenzie.

Candy has a picture taken with McKenzie.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home Safely

Betty says,

I am sorry that I did not put in a post for a couple of days.   It was difficult to blog with a Kindle Fire that has a hard-to-use camera.  Rabbits and I have returned home safely, here I am sharing some airport photos.  I will put in a lot of convention photos and resume the regular daily posts.   Please visit.

Bunnies were checked out of the convention at 7:30 am, Chris O drove 5-1/2 hours to arrive at Hartford BDL airport around 2 pm.   The airport has very friendly staff at Delta and at TSA check point.  Photo shows that the rabbits are being checked by the TSA agents.

On top of the carrier is the huge check that was awarded to McKenzie's Group win, on the top left side is a new white French Angora buck and on the top right is Chu's Kenneth who took 2nd to Chu's Sunny Boy in the colored senior buck class. 

After passing the TSA check, the kennel has been assembled and ziptied, waiting for a Delta personnel to take the unit to the holding area.

After a less than two-hour flight, bunnies and I arrived at Detroit airport.  I'm waiting at the gate hoping to see the kennel being loaded when this photo was taken.


Bunnies in the kennel arrived at SFO after a 5-hour flight.

Delta has been wonderful in this trip.  All the airport personnel were friendly and efficient.  Rabbits and human were safe and sound.   I couldn't ask for more.

Convention photos will be released as soon as they are organized.


Monday, October 21, 2013

ARBA Convention Group Winners from CA

ARBA convention Best In Show judging were done on Monday.   Best of Breed winners are divided into four groups.  The judge who receives the highest vote from the exhibitors picks the BIS from four group winners.  The four judges who receive the next four highest votes select the four group winners.

Open Group 1 winner is a Florida White, Group 2 winner is a Havana, Group 3 winner is an English Angora, and Group 4 winner is a Jersey Wooly.
The Havana breeder is Julie Spier of Gilroy, the English Angora breeder is Betty Chu of Morgan Hill, the Jersey Wooly breeder is Amber Henderson of Hollister, all from CA.

The BIS, however, went to the Florida White.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

McKenzie and Sunny Boy Win Convention BOB and BOS

A photo of McKenzie taken a few months before the ARBA convention at Harrisburg, PA.

A photo of Sunny Boy also taken when he was younger.

McKenzie wins the English Angora Best of Breed at the Convention and Sunny Boy is the Best Opposite Sex of Breed winner