Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alice And Bougainvillea

Betty says,

"My BFF Alice comes from Taiwan twice a year; she has her son, daughter-in-law and a granddaughter living in the area.

We went to high school and college together; it was very very long time ago, too many years to count. We always do lunch and more during her time in the US.

Alice loves flowers. We were walking around window shopping at the shopping center where we had lunch, it's hard not to notice this sea of red on the wall: the bougainvillea were in full bloom. I had to take a picture of Alice with these flowers.

Alice left for home a few days after our lunch date. Her son told her that there was a notification for jury duty after she left. I wonder if she could claim that she's a cat?"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Found On The Net: Me? Jury Duty?

It's reported by ABC News in Boston that kitty cat Sal was called for jury duty. The report says,

"It's a civic duty many of us try to avoid - jury duty. But Sal Esposito has a really good excuse. He's a cat.

Somehow, Sal was placed on a list of potential jurors and his owners in Boston are having trouble getting him off of it. They tried mailing in an exemption form stating Sal doesn't speak English. But Sal was denied his exemption!

The only way they were able to get Sal off the list was by sending in a letter from his vet explaining he's a feline."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where's Everyone, Don't Forget Us!

Susie and her bunnies had a photo session. Afterwards, Susie and one of the bunnies were taken back to their coops.

While waiting to be taken back, the remaining two bunnies had the look of, "Where did my mom go? Where's everyone? Don't forget us!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Susie Is A Great Mama

Susie has many all breed Best In Show under her wool and most importantly, she won the Best of Breed at the ARBA convention in San Diego.

At soon as she left the show circuit, Susie had a date with Nolan who is the Best of Breed winner at the ARBA convention in Louisville; they produce gorgeous son and daughters.

Who is the mom and who is the daughter? It is hard to believe that Susie still wants to nurse her bunnies though they are about the same size as she is.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hummingbird Is Coming! Hummingbird Is Coming!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Handsome Big Times Jamey

Betty says,

"I have not seen any black bunnies in my litters for a while; I was afraid that the 'E' gene might have evaporated in my herd.

Maureen in Ohio had a litter of two, one black and one white, from a white sire and chocolate tort dam. Since all Maureen's rabbits are descendants of my herd, both of us were very surprised. Chocolate tort cannot carry 'E', the 'E' gene has to be hidden under the cover of REW on the sire side; I traced the lineage all the way back to Chu's Bravo, a black buck that I showed in the 2000 convention.

After a few days of the birth, Maureen offered to gift this black bunny to me; it's generous beyond any imagination.

In May, with Carol G's help, Big Times Jamey traveled from Ohio to California. Jamey travelled well and has been developing very nicely; he is a very handsome boy.

I am thrilled to have him, and thrilled to have the 'E' gene back into my herd. Maureen and John are truly great friends, and I am indebted to them."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happiness Is Watching Babies Grow

Three new born bunnies, one has very bruised legs.

At three weeks old, the bunnies are at the cutest stage.

At two months old, the bunnies are enjoying their time in the exercise pen.

At almost three months old, the bunnies are almost ready to go to shows.